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A list with only one data frame containing presence-absence data for the reassembly proccess of coral fish communities in three atolls (Agatti, Kadmat and Kavaratti) of the Lakshadweep Archipelago in India. These data contains a number of replicates per sampling time. The data matrix marks missing data with a flag. It is in this respect that differs from lakshadweep.


A list of a single dataframe with data from the 3 different atoll. The dataframe has in columns:


Name of the species found


Atoll surveyed


Feeding strategy of the surveyed species

Presence-absence data

Several columns corresponding to the year in which the surveys were done. Year repetition means repeated sampling of the same atoll at the same time. Presences are represented by 1 and true absencestrue or undetected presences by 0.


Surveys were conducted from 2000 to 2013 in order to follow community reassembly after a coral mass mortality event in the relatively unfished Lakshadweep Archipelago. For most years, transects were taken in four locations per atoll. Although there might be some underlying heterogeneity, these transects are approximately taken here as true replicates.


Detectability per transect results to be of about 0.5, which means that the parameter 'Detectability' per atoll goes up to almost 0.94 if four transects per sampling time are taken (1-0.5^4). The sampling structure differs from atoll to to atoll. Certain columns are filled with 0.1. This is the missing value flag.


Alonso, D., Pinyol-Gallemi, A., Alcoverro T. and Arthur, R.. (2015) Fish community reassembly after a coral mass mortality: higher trophic groups are subject to increased rates of extinction. Ecology Letters, 18, 451–461.

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