matrixpls: Matrix-Based Partial Least Squares Estimation

Partial Least Squares Path Modeling algorithm and related algorithms. The algorithm implementations aim for computational efficiency using matrix algebra and covariance data. The package is designed toward Monte Carlo simulations and includes functions to perform simple Monte Carlo simulations.

AuthorMikko Rönkkö [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-12-13 15:33:51
MaintainerMikko Rönkkö <>

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Man pages

ave: Average Variance Extracted indices for matrixpls results

convCheck: Convergence checks

cr: Composite Reliability indices for matrixpls results

effects.matrixpls: Total, Direct, and Indirect Effects for matrixpls results

estimator: Parameter estimation of a model matrix

fitSummary: Summary of model fit of PLS model

fitted.matrixpls: Model implied covariance matrix based on matrixpls results

gof: Goodness of Fit indices for matrixpls results

GSCA: Generalized structured component analysis (GSCA) weights

htmt: Heterotrait-monotrait ratio

innerEstim: PLS inner estimation

loadings: Factor loadings matrix from matrixpls results

matrixpls: Partial Least Squares and other composite variable models.

matrixpls.boot: Bootstrapping of matrixpls function

matrixpls-common: Commonly used arguments

matrixpls.crossvalidate: Cross-validation of predictions from matrixpls results

matrixpls-functions: All estimation function types

matrixpls-package: Matrix-based Partial Least Squares estimation

matrixpls.plspm: A plspm compatibility wrapper for matrixpls

matrixpls.sempls: A semPLS compatibility wrapper for matrixpls

matrixpls.sim: Monte Carlo simulations with matrixpls

optimCrit: Optimization criteria functions

outerEstim: PLS outer estimation

parameterEstim: Parameter estimation of full model

predict.matrixpls: Predict method for matrixpls results

q2: Q2 predictive relevance statistics

r2: R2 for matrixpls results

reliabilityEstim: Reliabilities as products of weights and loadings

residuals.matrixpls: Residual diagnostics for matrixpls results

signChange: Sign change corrections for bootstrap

weightFun: Indicator weigth algoritms

weightSign: Sign ambiquity corrections


ave Man page
convCheck Man page
convCheck.absolute Man page
convCheck.relative Man page
convCheck.square Man page
cr Man page
effects.matrixpls Man page
estimator Man page
estimator.cfaLoadings Man page
estimator.efaLoadings Man page
estimator.ols Man page
estimator.plscLoadings Man page
estimator.plsreg Man page
estimator.tsls Man page
fitSummary Man page
fitted.matrixpls Man page
gof Man page
GSCA Man page
htmt Man page
innerEstim Man page
innerEstim.centroid Man page
innerEstim.factor Man page
innerEstim.gsca Man page
innerEstim.identity Man page
innerEstim.path Man page
loadings Man page
matrixpls Man page
matrixpls.boot Man page
matrixpls-common Man page
matrixpls.crossvalidate Man page
matrixpls-functions Man page
matrixpls-package Man page
matrixpls.plspm Man page
matrixpls.sempls Man page
matrixpls.sim Man page
optimCrit Man page
optimCrit.gsca Man page
optimCrit.maximizeFullR2 Man page
optimCrit.maximizeIndicatorR2 Man page
optimCrit.maximizeInnerR2 Man page
outerEstim Man page
outerEstim.fixed Man page
outerEstim.gsca Man page
outerEstim.modeA Man page
outerEstim.modeB Man page
_PACKAGE Man page
parameterEstim Man page
parameterEstim.separate Man page
predict.matrixpls Man page
q2 Man page
r2 Man page
reliabilityEstim Man page
reliabilityEstim.alpha Man page
reliabilityEstim.weightLoadingProduct Man page
residuals.matrixpls Man page
signChange Man page
signChange.construct Man page
signChange.individual Man page
weightFun Man page
weightFun.factor Man page
weightFun.fixed Man page
weightFun.optim Man page
weightFun.pls Man page
weightFun.principal Man page
weightSign Man page
weightSign.dominantIndicator Man page
weightSign.Wold1985 Man page


matrixpls/R/matrixpls.predict.R matrixpls/R/matrixpls.sim.R matrixpls/R/weightSign.R matrixpls/R/matrixpls.plspm.R matrixpls/R/matrixpls.R matrixpls/R/matrixpls.util.R matrixpls/R/matrixpls.crossvalidate.R matrixpls/R/signChange.R matrixpls/R/weightFun.R matrixpls/R/outerEstim.R matrixpls/R/matrixpls.sempls.R matrixpls/R/estimator.R matrixpls/R/innerEstim.R matrixpls/R/matrixpls.postestimation.R matrixpls/R/matrixpls.boot.R matrixpls/R/paramEstimator.R matrixpls/R/convCheck.R matrixpls/R/reliabilityEstim.R matrixpls/R/matrixpls.optim.R
matrixpls/man/optimCrit.Rd matrixpls/man/reliabilityEstim.Rd matrixpls/man/ave.Rd matrixpls/man/q2.Rd matrixpls/man/weightSign.Rd matrixpls/man/cr.Rd matrixpls/man/convCheck.Rd matrixpls/man/weightFun.Rd matrixpls/man/innerEstim.Rd matrixpls/man/matrixpls-package.Rd matrixpls/man/effects.matrixpls.Rd matrixpls/man/matrixpls.sempls.Rd matrixpls/man/htmt.Rd matrixpls/man/signChange.Rd matrixpls/man/fitSummary.Rd matrixpls/man/estimator.Rd matrixpls/man/matrixpls.Rd matrixpls/man/residuals.matrixpls.Rd matrixpls/man/parameterEstim.Rd matrixpls/man/GSCA.Rd matrixpls/man/matrixpls-common.Rd matrixpls/man/loadings.Rd matrixpls/man/matrixpls.plspm.Rd matrixpls/man/predict.matrixpls.Rd matrixpls/man/r2.Rd matrixpls/man/matrixpls.sim.Rd matrixpls/man/matrixpls.boot.Rd matrixpls/man/matrixpls.crossvalidate.Rd matrixpls/man/fitted.matrixpls.Rd matrixpls/man/gof.Rd matrixpls/man/matrixpls-functions.Rd matrixpls/man/outerEstim.Rd

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