htmt: Heterotrait-monotrait ratio

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The matrixpls method for the generic function htmt computes Heterotrait-monotrait ratio for the model using the formula presented by Henseler et al (2014).


htmt(object, ...)



matrixpls estimation result object produced by the matrixpls function.


All other arguments are ignored.


Heterotrait-monotrait ratio as a scalar


Henseler, J., Ringle, C. M., & Sarstedt, M. (2015). A new criterion for assessing discriminant validity in variance-based structural equation modeling. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 43(1), 115–135.

See Also

Other post-estimation functions: ave, cr, effects.matrixpls, fitSummary, fitted.matrixpls, gof, loadings, predict.matrixpls, r2, residuals.matrixpls

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