Man pages for matrixpls
Matrix-Based Partial Least Squares Estimation

aveAverage Variance Extracted indices for matrixpls results
ceiComposite Equivalence Indices
convCheckConvergence checks
crComposite Reliability indices for matrixpls results
effects.matrixplsTotal, Direct, and Indirect Effects for matrixpls results
estimatorParameter estimation of a model matrix
fitSummarySummary of model fit of PLS model
fitted.matrixplsModel implied covariance matrix based on matrixpls results
gofGoodness of Fit indices for matrixpls results
GSCAGeneralized structured component analysis (GSCA) weights
htmtHeterotrait-monotrait ratio
innerEstimPLS inner estimation
loadingsFactor loadings matrix from matrixpls results
matrixplsPartial Least Squares and other composite variable models.
matrixplsbootBootstrapping of matrixpls function
matrixpls-commonCommonly used arguments
matrixpls.crossvalidateCross-validation of predictions from matrixpls results
matrixpls-functionsAll estimation function types
matrixpls-packageMatrix-based Partial Least Squares estimation
matrixpls.plspmA plspm compatibility wrapper for matrixpls
matrixpls.semplsA semPLS compatibility wrapper for matrixpls
matrixpls.simMonte Carlo simulations with matrixpls
optimCritOptimization criteria functions
outerEstimPLS outer estimation
parameterEstimParameter estimation of full model
predict.matrixplsPredict method for matrixpls results
q2Q2 predictive relevance statistics
r2R2 for matrixpls results
reliabilityEstimReliabilities as products of weights and loadings
residuals.matrixplsResidual diagnostics for matrixpls results
satisfactionSatisfaction dataset
signChangeSign change corrections for bootstrap
weightFunIndicator weight algoritms
weightSignSign ambiguity corrections
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