fitted.matrixpls: Model implied covariance matrix based on matrixpls results

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The matrixpls method for generic function fitted computes the model implied covariance matrix by combining inner, reflective, and formative as a simultaneous equations system. The error terms are constrained to be uncorrelated and covariances between exogenous variables are fixed at their sample values. Defining a composite as dependent variable in both inner and formative creates an impossible model and results in an error.


## S3 method for class 'matrixpls'
fitted(object, ...)



matrixpls estimation result object produced by the matrixpls function.


All other arguments are ignored.


a matrix containing the model implied covariances.

See Also

Other post-estimation functions: ave, cr, effects.matrixpls, fitSummary, gof, htmt, loadings, predict.matrixpls, r2, residuals.matrixpls

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