locus-class: Class "locus"

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Class for genetic input parameters for megapteraProj.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form locus(..., not, search.fields = c("gene", "title")).



a vector of mode character holding a SQL-compatible transformation of the first alias for naming database tables.


a vector of mode character giving strings that should be seached for; the first element is taken to name the corresponding postgreSQL tables.


a vector of mode character giving strings that should be excluded from the search results; corresponds to the use of NOT in GenBank query.


a vector of mode character setting the search fields (or attributes) of the Nucleotide database to be searched for the strings specified via the ... argument.


Christoph Heibl

See Also

dbPars, taxon, and megapteraPars for defining of database parameters, taxa, and the pipeline's parameters, respectively, and megapteraProj for the bundling of input data.

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