Defines functions is.crwHierSim crwHierSim

Documented in crwHierSim is.crwHierSim

#' Constructor of \code{crwHierSim} objects
#' @param m A list of attributes required for multiple imputation data generated from a \code{\link{crwHierData}} object using \code{\link{MIfitHMM}}: \code{miData} (a list of 
#' \code{\link{momentuHMMData}} objects), and \code{crwSimulator} (a list of \code{\link[crawl]{crwSimulator}} objects).
#' \code{crwHierSim} objects are returned by \code{\link{MIfitHMM}} when argument \code{miData} is a \code{\link{crwHierData}} object and argument \code{fit=FALSE}.
#' @return An object \code{crwHierSim}.

crwHierSim <- function(m)
  if(is.null(m$miData) | is.null(m$crwSimulator))
    stop("Can't construct crwHierSim object: fields are missing")
  stopifnot(any(unlist(lapply(m$crwSimulator,function(x) inherits(x,"crwSimulator")))))
  obj <- m
  class(obj) <- append(c("crwHierSim","hierarchical"),class(obj))

#' Is crwHierSim
#' Check that an object is of class \code{\link{crwHierSim}}.
#' @param x An R object
#' @return \code{TRUE} if \code{x} is of class \code{\link{crwHierSim}}, \code{FALSE} otherwise.

is.crwHierSim <- function(x)

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