Man pages for mppR
Multi-Parent Population QTL Analysis

create.mppDataCreate a multi-parent population data object
CV_partitionCross validation partition
design_connectivityConnected parts of a MPP design
IBD.mppDataIBD coding for 'mppData' objects
IBS.mppDataIBS coding for 'mppData' objects
inc_mat_QTLQTL incidence matrix
mpp_back_elimBackward elimination on QTL candidates
mpp_CIMMPP Composite Interval Mapping
mpp_CVMPP cross-validation
mppDataComplete 'mppData' object
mppData_init'mppData' object with raw data
mpp_permQTL significance threshold by permutation
mpp_procMPP QTL analysis
mpp_SIMMPP Simple Interval Mapping
MQE_procMulti-QTL effect MPP analysis
par_cluParental clustering
parent_cluster.mppDataParent clustering for 'mppData' objects
plot.QTLprofplot QTL profile
print.summary.mppDataPrint summary.mppData object
print.summary.QeffResPrint summary.QeffRes object
print.summary.QR2ResPrint summary.QR2Res object
QC.mppDataQuality control for 'mppData' objects
QTL_gen_effectsQTL genetic effects
QTL_pred_R2Predicted QTL global and partial R squared
QTL_R2QTL global and partial R squared
QTL_selectQTL candidates selection
subset.mppDataSubset 'mppData' object
summary.mppDataSummary of 'mppData' object
summary.QeffResSummary of 'QeffRes' object
summary.QR2ResSummary of 'QR2Res' object
USNAM_genoReduced genotype data maize US-NAM population
USNAM_mapReduced map maize US-NAM population
USNAM_phenoReduced phenotype data from Maize US-NAM population
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