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modlib: Pharmacokinetic models



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See modlib_details for more detailed descriptions of parameters and compartments.

The pk1cmt model is parameterized in terms of CL, VC, KA1 and KA2 and uses compartments EV1, EV2, and CENT. The pk2cmt model adds a PERIPH compartment and parameters Q and VP to that of the one-compartment model. Likewise, the three-compartment model (pk3cmt) adds PERIPH2 and parameters Q2 and VP2 to that of the two-compartment models. All pk models also have parameters VMAX (defaulting to zero, no non-linear clearance) and KM.


an object of class packmod

Model description

All pk models have two extravascular dosing compartments and potential for linear and nonlinear clearance.

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