Man pages for nhdplusTools
NHDPlus Tools

add_plus_network_attributesAdd NHDPlus Network Attributes to a provided network.
align_nhdplus_namesAlign NHD Dataset Names
calculate_arbolate_sumCalculate Arbolate Sum
calculate_total_drainage_areaTotal Drainage Area
disambiguate_flowline_indexesDisambiguate Flowline Indexes
discover_nhdplus_idDiscover NHDPlus ID
discover_nldi_characteristicsDiscover Characteristics Metadata
download_nhdplushrDownload NHDPlus HiRes
download_nhdplusv2Download seamless National Hydrography Dataset Version 2...
download_rf1Download the seamless Reach File (RF1) Database
download_vaaDownload nhdplusVAA data from HydroShare
download_wbdDownload the seamless Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD)
get_DDNavigate Downstream with Diversions
get_DMNavigate Downstream Mainstem
get_flowline_indexGet Flowline Index
get_gagesIIFind GAGESII Features
get_hr_dataGet NHDPlus HiRes Data
get_huc12Find WBD HUC 12 unit subsets
get_huc8Find WBD HUC 08 unit subsets
get_hydro_locationget hydro location
get_levelpathsGet Level Paths
get_nhdareaFind NHD Areas
get_nhdplusGet National Hydrography Dataset V2 Subsets...
get_nhdplushrGet NHDPlus HiRes
get_nldi_basinGet NLDI Basin Boundary
get_nldi_characteristicsGet Catchment Characteristics
get_nldi_featureGet NLDI Feature
get_nodeGet flowline node
get_nwisDiscover USGS NWIS Stream Gages
get_pathlengthGet path length
get_pfafGet Pfafstetter Codes (Experimental)
get_streamlevelGet Streamlevel
get_streamorderGet Streamorder
get_terminalGet Terminal ID
get_UMNavigate Upstream Mainstem
get_UTNavigate Upstream with Tributaries
get_vaaNHDPlusV2 Attribute Subset
get_vaa_namesAvailable NHDPlusV2 Attributes
get_vaa_pathFile path to value added attribute (vaa) Cache
get_waterbodiesFind NHD Water Bodies
get_waterbody_indexGet Waterbody Index
make_standaloneMake isolated NHDPlusHR region a standalone dataset
navigate_nldiNavigate NLDI
nhdplus_pathNHDPlus Data Path
nhdplusTools_data_dirget or set nhdplusTools data directory
plot_nhdplusPlot NHDPlus
prepare_nhdplusPrep NHDPlus Data
query_usgs_geoserverQuery USGS Geoserver
rescale_measuresRescale reachcode measure to comid flowline measure.
stage_national_dataStage NHDPlus National Data (deprecated)
subset_nhdplusSubset NHDPlus
subset_rpuSubset by Raster Processing Unit.
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