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get_3dhpR Documentation

Get 3DHP Data


Calls the 3DHP_all web service and returns sf data.frames for the selected layers. See for source data documentation.


  ids = NULL,
  type = NULL,
  universalreferenceid = NULL,
  t_srs = NULL,
  buffer = 0.5



sf (MULTI)POINT or (MULTI)POLYGON. An 'area of interest' can be provided as either a location (sf POINT) or area (sf POLYGON) in any Spatial Reference System.


character vector of id3dhp ids or mainstem uris


character. Type of feature to return ("hydrolocation", "flowline", "waterbody", "drainage area", "catchment"). If NULL (default) a data.frame of available resources is returned


character vector of hydrolocation universal reference ids such as reachcodes


character (PROJ string or EPSG code) or numeric (EPSG code). A user specified - target -Spatial Reference System (SRS/CRS) for returned objects. Will default to the CRS of the input AOI if provided, and to 4326 for ID requests.


numeric. The amount (in meters) to buffer a POINT AOI by for an extended search. Default = 0.5


The returned object(s) will have the same Spatial Reference System (SRS) as the input AOI. If a individual or set of IDs are used to query, then the default CRS of EPSG:4269 is preserved. In all cases, a user-defined SRS can be passed to t_srs which will override all previous SRS (either input or default). All buffer and distance operations are handled internally using in EPSG:5070 Albers Equal Area projection


a simple features (sf) object or valid types if no type supplied


AOI <- sf::st_as_sfc(sf::st_bbox(c(xmin = -89.56684, ymin = 42.99816,
                                   xmax = -89.24681, ymax = 43.17192),
                                 crs = "+proj=longlat +datum=WGS84 +no_defs"))

# get flowlines and hydrolocations
flowlines <- get_3dhp(AOI = AOI, type = "flowline")
hydrolocation <- get_3dhp(AOI = AOI, type = "hydrolocation")
waterbody <- get_3dhp(AOI = AOI, type = "waterbody")

if(!is.null(waterbody) & !is.null(flowlines) & !is.null(hydrolocation)) {
plot(sf::st_geometry(waterbody), col = "lightblue", border = "lightgrey")
plot(sf::st_geometry(flowlines), col = "blue", add = TRUE)
plot(sf::st_geometry(hydrolocation), col = "grey", pch = "+", add = TRUE) }

# given mainstem ids from any source, can query for them in ids.

CO <- get_3dhp(ids = "",
               type = "flowline")

  plot(sf::st_geometry(CO), col = "blue")

# get all the waterbodies along the CO river
CO_wb <- get_3dhp(ids = unique(CO$waterbodyid3dhp), type = "waterbody")

if(!is.null(CO_wb)) {
plot(sf::st_geometry(CO_wb[grepl("Powell", CO_wb$gnisidlabel),]),
     col = "blue", border = "NA") }

# given universalreferenceid (reachcodes), can query for them but only
# for hydrolocations. This is useful for looking up mainstem ids.

get_3dhp(universalreferenceid = unique(hydrolocation$universalreferenceid),
         type = "hydrolocation")

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