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Discover USGS NWIS Stream Gages


Returns a POINT feature class of active, stream network, NWIS gages for an Area of Interest. If a POINT feature is used as an AOI, then the returned sites within the requested buffer, are sorted by distance (in meters) from that POINT.


get_nwis(AOI = NULL, t_srs = NULL, buffer = 20000)



sf (MULTI)POINT or (MULTI)POLYGON. An 'area of interest' can be provided as either a location (sf POINT) or area (sf POLYGON) in any Spatial Reference System.


character (PROJ string or EPSG code) or numeric (EPSG code). A user specified - target -Spatial Reference System (SRS/CRS) for returned objects. Will default to the CRS of the input AOI if provided, and to 4326 for ID requests.


numeric. The amount (in meters) to buffer a POINT AOI by for an extended search. Default = 20,000. Returned results are arrange by distance from POINT AOI


The returned object(s) will have the same Spatial Reference System (SRS) as the input AOI. If a individual or set of IDs are used to query, then the default geoserver CRS of EPSG:4326 is preserved. In all cases, a user-defined SRS can be passed to t_srs which will override all previous SRS (either input or default). All buffer and distance operations are handled internally using in EPSG:5070 Albers Equal Area projection


a simple features (sf) object

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