Man pages for nloptr
R Interface to NLopt

auglagAugmented Lagrangian Algorithm
bobyqaBound Optimization by Quadratic Approximation
check.derivativesCheck analytic gradients of a function using finite...
cobylaConstrained Optimization by Linear Approximations
crs2lmControlled Random Search
directDIviding RECTangles Algorithm for Global Optimization
is.nloptrR interface to NLopt
isresImproved Stochastic Ranking Evolution Strategy
lbfgsLow-storage BFGS
mlslMulti-level Single-linkage
mmaMethod of Moving Asymptotes
neldermeadNelder-Mead Simplex
newuoaNew Unconstrained Optimization with quadratic Approximation
nl.gradNumerical Gradients and Jacobians
nloptrR interface to NLopt
nloptr.get.default.optionsReturn a data.frame with all the options that can be supplied...
nloptr-packageR interface to NLopt
nloptr.print.optionsPrint description of nloptr options
nl.optsSetting NL Options
print.nloptrPrint results after running nloptr
sbplxSubplex Algorithm
slsqpSequential Quadratic Programming (SQP)
stogoStochastic Global Optimization
tnewtonPreconditioned Truncated Newton
varmetricShifted Limited-memory Variable-metric
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