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Nonlinear Regression Modelling using Robust Methods

binaryOp_3dmProduct array to matrix
binaryOp_ccross product binary operator.
binaryOp_m3dMatrix 3 dimentional product.
bmn.irIran Broad Mony data.
callorNULLClass '"or classes"'
carbonCarbon Dioxide data.
convexpr2nlformConvert 'expression' to 'nl.form'
convfkt2nlformConvert 'fktlist' objects to 'nl.form'.
cowCow Data
curvatureCalculate (IE) Intrinsic curvature and (PE) Parameter...
db.FaultFault database
db.methodmethods database
db.methodBRmethod branches database
dfr.corrtsDerivative free Two Stage estimate
dfr.hetroDerivative free (CME)
dfr.hetroLSDerivative free CLSME.
dfrmest.NLMDerivative free MM-estimate
dfr.robhetroDerivative free (RME)
dfr.robhetroLSDerivative free RGME.
dfr.roblossRobut loss function.
DrugKenakinResponses to the concentration of an agonist in a functional...
eiginvInverse of matrix using eigenvalues.
evald'eval' function.
FaultClass '"Fault"'
fittmethodClass '"fittmethod"'
fullqrfull rank QR decomposition.
indifinvIndefinite Inverse of matrix.
individSplit individuals
is.FaultCheck error
is.FaultwarnCheck error or warning
is.infCheck IEEE Arithmetic Values
is.WarnCheck warning
jaclevJacobian Leverage for nonlinear regression.
LakesLakes Data
loss.chisHetroscedastic chi-square loss function.
loss.hetroWMWeighted Robut loss function.
loss.robchisHetroscedastic chi-square robust loss function.
loss.SSQSum of squared loss function.
lotsoutArtificially Contaminated Data from Logistic model.
methaneMethane data.
mplotMultiple Plot
mscaleScale M-estimate
net.chChina Net Money Data
net.irIran Net Money Data.
net.kwKuwait Net Money Data.
net.swSweden Net Money Data.
nl.corrtsAutocorrelated two stage estimate
nl.fittClass '"nl.fitt"'
nl.fitt.gnClass '""'
nl.fittorNULL"OR" Class
nl.fitt.rgnClass '"nl.fitt.rgn"'
nl.fitt.robClass '"nl.fitt.rob"'
nl.formClass '"nl.form"'
nl.formorNULLClass '"nl.formorNULL"'
nl.hetroClassic Multi Stage Estimate (CME).
nl.hetroLSCLSME estimate.
nl.lmsGAFitt a nonlinear regression model by least median of squares....
nl.lmsNMFitt a nonlinear regression model by least median of squares....
nl.ltsCompute (LTS) Least Trimmed Square Estimate.
nlmest.LMNonlinear MM-estimate using Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm.
nlmest.NLMNonlinear MM-estimate.
nlmest.NMNonlinear MM-estimate, Nelder-Mead.
nlmest.RWTNonlinear MM-estimate using reweighting method.
nlmest.WFNonlinear MM-estimate using wolf conditions.
nl.MLENonlinear MLE
nl.mscaleScale M-estimator with 50% breakdown.
nlobjNonlinear model objects
nlobjvarmdlsVariance model objects.
nloutNonlinear outlier detection.
nlout.JLNonlinear outlier detection.
nlrNon-Linear Robust fitt.
nlr.controllist of nlr package controls.
nl.robcorrtsRobust two stage estimate
nl.robfuncsRobust Loss functions provided for 'nlr'.
nl.robhetroRobust Multi Stage Estimate.
nl.robhetroLSRobust Generalized Multistage Estimate (RGME).
nl.robhetroWMWeighted M-estimate.
nl.robmeasClass '"nl.robmeas"'
nlsnmLeast Square estimate.
nlsqrLeast Square estimate.
nlsqr.gnGeneralized Least Square estimate.
nonreplSample variance of response.
ntpntp data
optim.NLMNLM optimization.
optim.NMNM optimization
optim.WFWF optimization
parameter.namesSupport for Functions 'nlr()'
parInfer.WMWM-estimate Inference
pInfParameter Inference for classic nonlinear regression.
plotinitialInitial Values plot.
prodAVCompute product of Array into a Vector.
prodVAProduct of three dimentional array in vector.
psi.hampelhampel redescending function
roblossRobut loss function.
robloss.gnGeneralized Robut loss function.
rzvaluesRobust sample variance
sqrtvatCompute square root of vairiance attribute.
tadr.irIran Birth Rate.
trade.irIran Trade Data.
transformTransform by R matrix.
transformNRTransform nonlinear regression model
transfquadVariance to standard deviation transform.
TumorTumor metastasis data.
var1Compute Variance.
WeightsChicken growth data.
zvaluesSample Variance
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