Man pages for optiSel
Optimum Contribution Selection and Population Genetics

agecontContributions of age cohorts to the population
candesCandidate Description
CattlePhenotypes of Genotyped Cattle
Chr1.phasedPhased Cattle Genotypes from Chromosome 1
Chr2.phasedPhased Cattle Genotypes from Chromosome 2
completenessCalculates Pedigree Completeness
conttacCalculates *Cont*ributions *T*o *A*ge *C*ohorts
ExamplePedPedigree of Hinterwald Cattle
freqlistCombines Objects Computed with Function haplofreq() into a...
genecontCalculates Genetic Contributions using Pedigrees.
haplofreqEvaluates the Occurrence of Haplotype Segments in Particular...
makeACalculates the Pedigree-based Additive Relationship Matrix
mapMarker Map for Cattle
matingsMate Allocation
noffspringCalculates Optimum Numbers of Offspring
opticompCalculates the Optimum Breed Composition
opticontOptimum Contributions of Selection Candidates
optiSel-packageOptimum Contribution Selection and Population Genetics
pedBreedCompCalculates the Pedigree Based Breed Composition of...
pedIBDCalculates the Pedigree-based Kinship Matrix
pedIBDatNCalculates the Pedigree Based Kinship at Native Alleles
pedIBDorMCalculates Kinships taking Allele Origin into Account
PedigWithErrorsPedigree of Hinterwald cattle
pedInbreedingCalculates Pedigree Based Inbreeding
pedplotPlots a Pedigree
PhenSimulated Phenotypes of Hinterwald Cattle
plot.HaploFreqPlots Frequencies of Haplotype Segments in Specified Breeds
prePed*Pre*pares a *Ped*igree
read.indivReads Individual IDs from a Genotype File
sampleIndivSample Individuals from Pedigree
segBreedCompCalculates the Segment-Based Breed Composition of Individuals
segIBDCalculates the Segment Based Kinship Matrix
segIBDandNCalculates Probabilities that Alleles belong to a Shared...
segIBDatNSegment-Based Kinship at Native Alleles.
segInbreedingCalculates Segment Based Inbreeding
segNCalculates Probabilities of Alleles to belong to Native...
sim2disConverts a Similarity Matrix into a Dissimilarity Matrix
subPedCreates a Subset of a Large Pedigree
summary.candesPopulation Genetic Parameters at Different Times
summary.PedigCalculates Summary Statistics for Pedigrees.
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