Man pages for optimall
Allocate Samples Among Strata

allocate_waveAdaptive Multi-Wave Sampling
apply_multiwaveApply a basic optimall function to a Multiwave Object
get_dataAccess and Write Slots of a Multiwave Object
MatWgt_SimExample Dataset: Maternal Weights
merge_samplesMerge Sampled Data based on IDs
merge_strataMerge Strata
Multiwave-classMultiwave Class for Multi-Wave Sampling Organization
multiwave_diagramPrint Summary Diagram of Multiwave Object
new_multiwaveInitialize a Multiwave Object
optimall_shinyRun the shiny application
optimum_allocationOptimum Allocation
Phase-classPhase Class for Multi-Wave Sampling Organization
sample_strataSelect Sampling Units based on Stratified Random Sampling
shiny_serverServer logic for Interactive Shiny for Optimall.
shiny_uiUI for Shiny App for Splitting Strata with Optimum Allocation
split_strataSplit Strata
summary-Multiwave-methodMethod for summary for class Multiwave
Wave-classWave Class for Multi-Wave Sampling Organization
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