Man pages for otuSummary
Summarizing OTU Table Regarding the Composition, Abundance and Beta Diversity of Abundant and Rare Biospheres

alphaDiversityCalculate the alpha diversity indices
bplotGenerate barplot with custom controls on the x axis labels
calc_bccalculate the Bray-Curtis dissimilarity
contribContribution of rare/abundant biosphere to the total...
fillTaxreshape the heirarchical taxonomy
fillTax2reshape the heirarchical taxonomy
matrixConvertConvert lower triangular distance matrix into data frame
otu4typeAn example OTU table with samples and taxonomy in rows and...
otuCollapcollapse a OTU table at given level.
otumothurOTU table generated from 8 lakes over 4 years
otuqiimeOTU table generated from 8 lakes over 4 years
otuReportSummarize the community structure and abundance with OTU...
pbrayPartition the Bray-Curtis distance dissimilarity
rareBiosphereSummarize different subgroups in the rare biosphere
slimTaxreshape heirarchical taxonomy
subOTUSubset a OTU table
typeConvertTranspose the data frame if there is data type conversion.
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