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AWS Backup is a unified backup service designed to protect AWS services and their associated data. AWS Backup simplifies the creation, migration, restoration, and deletion of backups, while also providing reporting and auditing.


backup(config = list())



Optional configuration of credentials, endpoint, and/or region.


A client for the service. You can call the service's operations using syntax like svc$operation(...), where svc is the name you've assigned to the client. The available operations are listed in the Operations section.

Service syntax

svc <- backup(
  config = list(
    credentials = list(
      creds = list(
        access_key_id = "string",
        secret_access_key = "string",
        session_token = "string"
      profile = "string"
    endpoint = "string",
    region = "string"


create_backup_plan Creates a backup plan using a backup plan name and backup rules
create_backup_selection Creates a JSON document that specifies a set of resources to assign to a backup plan
create_backup_vault Creates a logical container where backups are stored
delete_backup_plan Deletes a backup plan
delete_backup_selection Deletes the resource selection associated with a backup plan that is specified by the SelectionId
delete_backup_vault Deletes the backup vault identified by its name
delete_backup_vault_access_policy Deletes the policy document that manages permissions on a backup vault
delete_backup_vault_notifications Deletes event notifications for the specified backup vault
delete_recovery_point Deletes the recovery point specified by a recovery point ID
describe_backup_job Returns backup job details for the specified BackupJobId
describe_backup_vault Returns metadata about a backup vault specified by its name
describe_copy_job Returns metadata associated with creating a copy of a resource
describe_global_settings The current feature settings for the AWS Account
describe_protected_resource Returns information about a saved resource, including the last time it was backed up, its Amazon Resource Name (ARN), and the AWS service type of the saved resource
describe_recovery_point Returns metadata associated with a recovery point, including ID, status, encryption, and lifecycle
describe_region_settings Returns the current service opt-in settings for the Region
describe_restore_job Returns metadata associated with a restore job that is specified by a job ID
export_backup_plan_template Returns the backup plan that is specified by the plan ID as a backup template
get_backup_plan Returns BackupPlan details for the specified BackupPlanId
get_backup_plan_from_json Returns a valid JSON document specifying a backup plan or an error
get_backup_plan_from_template Returns the template specified by its templateId as a backup plan
get_backup_selection Returns selection metadata and a document in JSON format that specifies a list of resources that are associated with a backup plan
get_backup_vault_access_policy Returns the access policy document that is associated with the named backup vault
get_backup_vault_notifications Returns event notifications for the specified backup vault
get_recovery_point_restore_metadata Returns a set of metadata key-value pairs that were used to create the backup
get_supported_resource_types Returns the AWS resource types supported by AWS Backup
list_backup_jobs Returns a list of existing backup jobs for an authenticated account
list_backup_plans Returns a list of existing backup plans for an authenticated account
list_backup_plan_templates Returns metadata of your saved backup plan templates, including the template ID, name, and the creation and deletion dates
list_backup_plan_versions Returns version metadata of your backup plans, including Amazon Resource Names (ARNs), backup plan IDs, creation and deletion dates, plan names, and version IDs
list_backup_selections Returns an array containing metadata of the resources associated with the target backup plan
list_backup_vaults Returns a list of recovery point storage containers along with information about them
list_copy_jobs Returns metadata about your copy jobs
list_protected_resources Returns an array of resources successfully backed up by AWS Backup, including the time the resource was saved, an Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the resource, and a resource type
list_recovery_points_by_backup_vault Returns detailed information about the recovery points stored in a backup vault
list_recovery_points_by_resource Returns detailed information about recovery points of the type specified by a resource Amazon Resource Name (ARN)
list_restore_jobs Returns a list of jobs that AWS Backup initiated to restore a saved resource, including metadata about the recovery process
list_tags Returns a list of key-value pairs assigned to a target recovery point, backup plan, or backup vault
put_backup_vault_access_policy Sets a resource-based policy that is used to manage access permissions on the target backup vault
put_backup_vault_notifications Turns on notifications on a backup vault for the specified topic and events
start_backup_job Starts an on-demand backup job for the specified resource
start_copy_job Starts a job to create a one-time copy of the specified resource
start_restore_job Recovers the saved resource identified by an Amazon Resource Name (ARN)
stop_backup_job Attempts to cancel a job to create a one-time backup of a resource
tag_resource Assigns a set of key-value pairs to a recovery point, backup plan, or backup vault identified by an Amazon Resource Name (ARN)
untag_resource Removes a set of key-value pairs from a recovery point, backup plan, or backup vault identified by an Amazon Resource Name (ARN)
update_backup_plan Updates an existing backup plan identified by its backupPlanId with the input document in JSON format
update_global_settings Updates the current global settings for the AWS Account
update_recovery_point_lifecycle Sets the transition lifecycle of a recovery point
update_region_settings Updates the current service opt-in settings for the Region


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svc <- backup()
  Foo = 123

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