Man pages for phylobase
Base Package for Phylogenetic Structures and Comparative Data

addData-methodsAdding data to a phylo4 or a phylo4d object
ancestorsTree traversal and utility functions
checkPhylo4Validity checking for phylo4 objects
edgeLength-methodsedgeLength methods
edges-accessorsEdges accessors
extractTreeGet tree from tree+data object
formatDataFormat data for use in phylo4d objects
geospizaData from Darwin's finches
getNode-methodsNode and Edge look-up functions
labels-methodsLabels for phylo4/phylo4d objects
multiPhylo-classmultiPhylo4 and extended classes
nodeId-methodsnodeId methods
nTips-methodsnTips, nNodes, nEdges
owls4'Owls' data from ape
pdataConstructor for pdata (phylogenetic data) class
pdata-classClass "pdata"
phylo4-classThe phylo4 class
phylo4d-accessorsTests for presence of data associated with trees stored as...
phylo4d-classphylo4d class
phylo4d-methodsCombine a phylogenetic tree with data
phylo4-methodsCreate a phylogenetic tree
phylobase.optionsSet or return options of phylobase
phylobase-packageUtilities and Tools for Phylogenetics
phylobubblesBubble plots for phylo4d objects
phylomat-classmatrix classes for phylobase
phyloXXYYCalculate node x and y coordinates
plotOneTreePlot a phylo4 object
print-methodsprint a phylogeny
readNexusCreate a 'phylo4', 'phylo4d' or 'data.frame' object from a...
reorder-methodsreordering trees within phylobase objects
root-methodsMethods to test, access (and modify) the root of a phylo4...
setAs-methodsConverting between phylo4/phylo4d and other phylogenetic tree...
subset-methodsMethods for creating subsets of phylogenies
summary-methodsSummary for phylo4/phylo4d objects
tdata-methodsRetrieving or updating tip and node data in phylo4d objects trees and associated data
treePlot-methodsPhylogeny plotting
treeStructure-methodsTest trees for polytomies, inline nodes (singletons), or...
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