Simple BNPR Vignette

This vignette shows a simple and typical use of phylodyn and its main functions BNPR and BNPR_PS.

We start by loading the phylodyn package.


We need to set the true effective population size trajectory function. For this example, we choose a seasonal growth/collapse trajectory (already implemented in phylodyn).

traj = logistic_traj

We set the end of the sampling interval and the number of samples we should expect.

samp_end = 48
nsamps   = 500

We calculate the proportionality constant necessary to produce the correct expected number of samples. We then produce a set of samples by drawing from an inhomogeneous Poisson process with intensity proportional to the effective population size trajectory.

Cprop      = nsamps/integrate(traj_beta, 0, samp_end, traj=traj, beta=1)$value
samp_times = pref_sample(traj, c=Cprop, lim=c(0,samp_end), beta=1)

We simulate a genealogy based on our sample using the coalescent.

gene = coalsim(samp_times = samp_times, n_sampled = rep(1, length(samp_times)),
               traj = traj, lower_bound = 10)

We use BNPR and BNPR_PS to calculate approximate marginals (without and with a sampling model).

res_BNPR    = BNPR(data = gene, lengthout = 100)
res_BNPR_PS = BNPR_PS(data = gene, lengthout = 100)

We plot the results.

plot_BNPR(res_BNPR, traj = traj, main="BNPR", ylim = c(1, 700))
plot_BNPR(res_BNPR_PS, traj = traj, main="BNPR-PS", ylim = c(1, 700))


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