Man pages for phylodyn
Statistical Tools for Phylodynamics

BNPRBayesian nonparametric phylodynamic reconstruction.
boombust_trajBoom and bust trajectory
bottleneck_trajBottleneck trajectory
coalsimSimulate from inhomogeneous, heterochronous coalescent
create_FGenerates a matrix with ranked tree shape information
cyclic_trajCyclical trajectory
exp_trajExponential trajectory
find_info2Extracts all sufficient statistics for inferring Ne from...
generate_newickReturns a phylo object from the argumentes generated with...
hist2heatPlot heatmap of a histogram
inla.modelsINLA wrapper
logistic_trajSeasonal logistic trajectory
mcmc_samplingMCMC Sampling
mesa_trajMesa trajectory
ml_exp_coalMaximum likelihood exponential model
NY_fluNew York Influenza Genealogy
phylodyn-packageTools for analyzing genealogy and genome sequence data using...
plot_BNPRPlot a BNPR output
plot_mrwPlot Mean Relative Widths
plot_resPlot SMCP Results
plot_seasonalityPlot Seasonality
posterior_coal_checkPosterior predictive check for coalescent model
posterior_samp_checkPosterior predictive check for inhomogenous Poisson process...
pref_sampleSample preferentially
read_timesExtracts coalescent times from a Multi-Phylo object
regional_fluRegional Influenza Genealogy
sloped_trajSloped trajectory
smcp_samplingSMC' sampler-inference from local genealogies
steep_cyc_trajSteep cyclical trajectory
summarize_phyloSummarize a phylogeny.
traj_betaRaise a trajectory function to a power
unif_trajUniform trajectory.
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