phylolm: Phylogenetic Linear Regression

Provides functions for fitting phylogenetic linear models and phylogenetic generalized linear models. The computation uses an algorithm that is linear in the number of tips in the tree. The package also provides functions for simulating continuous or binary traits along the tree. Other tools include functions to test the adequacy of a population tree.

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AuthorLam Si Tung Ho [aut, cre], Cecile Ane [aut], Robert Lachlan [ctb], Kelsey Tarpinian [ctb], Rachel Feldman [ctb], Qing Yu [ctb]
Date of publication2016-10-17 19:00:05
MaintainerLam Si Tung Ho <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2) | file LICENSE

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AIC.logLik.phyloglm Man page
AIC.logLik.phylolm Man page
AIC.phyloglm Man page
AIC.phylolm Man page
extractAIC.phylolm Man page
flowerSize Man page
flowerTree Man page
guidetree Man page
logLik.phyloglm Man page
logLik.phylolm Man page
nobs.phylolm Man page
OU1d.loglik Man page
OUshifts Man page
phyloglm Man page
phylolm Man page
phylolm-package Man page
phylostep Man page
plot.OUshifts Man page
plot.phyloglm Man page
plot.phylolm Man page
predict.phylolm Man page
print.logLik.phyloglm Man page
print.logLik.phylolm Man page
print.phyloglm Man page
print.phylolm Man page
print.summary.phyloglm Man page
print.summary.phylolm Man page
pruningwise.branching.times Man page
pruningwise.distFromRoot Man page
quartetCF Man page
rbinTrait Man page
residuals.phyloglm Man page
residuals.phylolm Man page
rTrait Man page
stepwise.test.tree Man page
summary.phyloglm Man page
summary.phylolm Man page Man page
test.tree.preparation Man page
three.point.compute Man page
transf.branch.lengths Man page
vcov.phyloglm Man page
vcov.phylolm Man page

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