Man pages for phylolm
Phylogenetic Linear Regression

flowerSizeFlower size of 25 Euphorbiaceae species
flowerTreePhylogenetic tree of 25 Euphorbiaceae species
guidetreeBinary population tree within Arabidopsis thaliana
OU1d.loglikLog likelihood of an one-dimensional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck model
OUshiftsDetections of shifts in the OU process along a phylogeny.
OUshifts-methodsMethods for class 'OUshifts'.
phyloglmPhylogenetic Generalized Linear Model
phyloglm-methodsMethods for class 'phyloglm'.
phyloglmstepStepwise model selection for Phylogenetic Generalized Linear...
phylolmPhylogenetic Linear Model
phylolm-methodsMethods for class 'phylolm'.
phylolm-packagePhylogenetic Linear Regression
phylostepStepwise model selection for Phylogenetic Linear Model
pruningwise.branching.timesCalculates internal node ages in an ultrametric "pruningwise"...
pruningwise.distFromRootCalculates node distance from the root in an "pruningwise"...
quartetCFQuartet concordance factors across Arabidopsis thaliana
rbinTraitBinary trait simulation
rTraitContinuous trait simulation
stepwise.test.treeFits a population tree to data from quartet concordance... the fit of a population tree to quartet concordance...
test.tree.preparationdata structure preparation for testing a population tree
three.point.computeComputations with a (generalized) three-point structured tree
transf.branch.lengthsCreates a tree with branch lengths to represent the 3-point...
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