Man pages for pixiedust
Tables so Beautifully Fine-Tuned You Will Believe It's Magic 'dust' Object to Data Frame
chainmagrittr forward-pipe operator
compoundAssignmentChain together multiple operations
dustDust Table Construction
fixed_header_cssGenerate CSS Code for Fixed Header Tables
gazeMimic Stargazer Output to Display Multiple Models
get_dust_partGet a Portion of the Table Stored in a 'dust' Object
glance_footPrepare Glance Statistics for 'pixiedust' Table Footer
index_to_sprinkleDetermine the Indices to Sprinkle
is_valid_colorTest a Character String For Pixiedust Recognized Color Format
knit_print.dust'knitr' Printing Function
medleySprinkle Medleys
medley_all_bordersApply Cell Borders to All Cells in a Region
pixie_countAccess and manipulate table numbers counters
pixiedustTables So Beautifully Fine-Tuned You Will Believe It's Magic.
pixiedust_print_methodDetermine the Current Print Method
pixieplyApply Functions Over 'dust_list' Objects
print.dustPrint A 'dust' Table
pval_stringFormat P-values for Reports
rbind_internalBind Rows in Base R
reshape_data_internalReshape data frames for Pixiedust
sanitize_latexEscape Characters for Printing in LaTeX Output
sprinkleDefine Customizations to a Table
sprinkle_alignSprinkle Alignment of Table Cells
sprinkle_bgSprinkle the Background Color of a Cell
sprinkle_bg_patternRow and Column Background Striping
sprinkle_bookdownChange the Bookdown Property in a Dust Table
sprinkle_borderSprinkle Changes to Cell Borders
sprinkle_border_collapseChange the Border Collapse Property in a Dust Table
sprinkle_captionChange the Caption in a Dust Table
sprinkle_caption_numberChange the Caption in a Dust Table
sprinkle_colnamesColumn Names for 'dust' Tables
sprinkle_discreteChange Color Features by Discrete Values
sprinkle_fixed_headerAssign a Fixed Header to an HTML Table
sprinkle_floatChange the float Property in a Dust Table
sprinkle_fnApply a function to a selection of cells
sprinkle_fontSprinkle the Characteristics of Text in a Cell
sprinkle_gradientChange Color Features by Binning Numeric Values
sprinkle_heightAdjust Table Cell Height
sprinkle_hhlineChange the hhline Property in a Dust Table
sprinkle_html_preserveChange the HTML Preserve Property in a Dust Table
sprinkle_justifyChange the Caption in a Dust Table
sprinkle_labelChange the Border Collapse Property in a Dust Table
sprinkle_longtableChange the Longtable Property in a Dust Table
sprinkle_mergeSprinkle Table Cells to Merge
sprinkle_na_stringSprinkle Appearance of NA's
sprinkle_padSprinkle the Padding of a Cell
sprinkle_replaceReplace Contents of Selected Cells
sprinkle_rotate_degreeSprinkle Appearance of NA's
sprinkle_roundSprinkle Appearance of NA's
sprinkle_sanitizeSanitize Characters for LaTeX Outputs
sprinkle_tabcolsepChange the tabcolsep Property in a Dust Table
sprinkle_widthAdjust Table Cell Width
str_extract_baseExtract Patterns from Character Strings
tidy_levels_labelsTerm and Level Descriptions for 'pixiedust' Tables
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