get_dust_part: Get a Portion of the Table Stored in a 'dust' Object

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Get a Portion of the Table Stored in a dust Object


Making customized table headers and footers requires a data frame be added to the dust object that has the same column dimension as the rest of the table. In order to reduce the inconvenience of counting columns, get_dust_part extracts the data frame portion currently in use. This ensures the column dimension is correct with the current values, and provides an object suitable for editing.


get_dust_part(x, part = c("head", "foot", "interfoot", "body"))



An object of class dust


character(1), naming the part of the table to retrieve. May be one of "head", "foot", "interfoot", or "body".


an object of class data.frame

Functional Requirements

  1. Return, as a data frame, the part of the table requested in part

  2. Cast an error if x is not a dust object.

  3. Cast an error if part is not one of c("head", "foot", "interfoot", "body")

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