sprinkle_hhline: Change the hhline Property in a Dust Table

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Change the hhline Property in a Dust Table


The hhline property controls the appearance of cell borders in LaTeX tables. There is a known limitation in the LaTeX colortbl package where cell borders can be hidden if the cell has a background color. If using both cell borders and background colors, it is recommended that you use the hhline property to make cell borders appear as desired.


sprinkle_hhline(x, hhline = getOption("pixie_hhline", FALSE), ...)

## Default S3 method:
sprinkle_hhline(x, hhline = getOption("pixie_hhline", FALSE), ...)

## S3 method for class 'dust_list'
sprinkle_hhline(x, hhline = getOption("pixie_hhline", FALSE), ...)



An object of class dust


logical(1). When TRUE, the LaTeX hhline package will be used for cell borderes.


Additional arguments to pass to other methods. Currently ignored.


When hhline = TRUE, borders will be solid; dashed and dotted borders are unsupported by hhline.

This property has no effect on non-LaTeX output.

Functional Requirements

  1. Change the hhline attribute of the dust object.

  2. Cast an error if x is not a dust object.

  3. Cast an error if hhline is not logical and length 1.


Benjamin Nutter



See Also

dust, sprinkle

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