sprinkle_longtable: Change the Longtable Property in a Dust Table

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Change the Longtable Property in a Dust Table


The LaTeX longtable package allows for long tables to be broken into multiple parts to be displayed on separate pages. pixiedust will mimic this behavior for other output types.


sprinkle_longtable(x, longtable = getOption("pixie_longtable", FALSE), ...)

## Default S3 method:
sprinkle_longtable(x, longtable = getOption("pixie_longtable", FALSE), ...)

## S3 method for class 'dust_list'
sprinkle_longtable(x, longtable = getOption("pixie_longtable", FALSE), ...)



An object of class dust


Either a logical(1) or an numeric(1) integer-like value. See Details.


Additional arguments to pass to other methods. Currently ignored.


When longtable = TRUE, LaTeX tables will be divided according to the LaTeX document settings. In other table outputs, the default is to use 25 rows per table.

When longtable is an integer (or integer-like) value, the table is divided into that many rows per section. This applies to all output.

Functional Requirements

  1. Change the longtable attribute of the dust object.

  2. Cast an error if x is not a dust object.

  3. Cast an error if longtable is logical and has length not equal to 1.

  4. when longtable is not logical, cast an error if it is not-integerish and has length not equal to 1.


Benjamin Nutter

See Also

dust, sprinkle

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