Man pages for platetools
Tools and Plots for Multi-Well Plates

b_gridPlots multiple b-scored normalised platemaps
bhit_mapPlatemap to identify 'hits' following a B-score normalisation
b_mapPlots a heatmap of b-score normalised values in a plate...
b_score2 way median polish
check_plate_inputchecks plate input for dodgy well plate combinations
dist_mapPlots distributions per well in a plate layout
fill_plateFill in missing wells
hit_gridPlots multiple platemaps with and identifies hits
hit_mapPlatemap to identify 'hits' in a screen
is_1536internal 1536 plate function for plate_map
is_old_ggplotcheck ggplot2 version
legend_titlechange legend title
list_to_dataframeConverts list to a dataframe in a sensible way
med_smooth2-way median smooth
missing_wellsReturns wells that are missing from a complete plate
num_to_wellConverts numbers to well labels
pc_gridPlots multiple platemaps as a heatmap of the first principal...
pchit_gridPlots multiple heatmaps identifying hits from the first...
pchit_mapPlots a heatmap identifying hits from the first principal...
pc_mapPrincipal component heatmap in a plate layout
plate_effectTwo way-median smooth on a plate map
plate_mapcreates dataframe of row,column,data from wellID and data
plate_map_gridcreates dataframe of row, column, plate_id from data...
plate_map_grid_scalecreates dataframe of row, column, plate_id from data...
plate_map_multiplerow, column for multiple features
plate_map_scalecreates dataframe of row, column, and scaled data from well...
plate_matrixplate layout matrix from well IDs
plt12ggplot plate object
plt1536ggplot plate object
plt24ggplot plate object
plt384ggplot plate object
plt48ggplot plate object
plt6ggplot plate object
plt96ggplot plate object
raw_gridPlots multiple platemaps with heatmap of raw values
raw_mapPlots a platemap with heatmap of raw values
read_mapAnnotates dataframe with metadata in a platemap matrix
readmap_dataexample data in a plate map form
rotate_platerotates matrix by 180 degrees
set_blockSet values in rectangular areas of a plate
well_to_numConverts well labels to numbers
z_gridPlots multiple platemaps with heatmap of scaled values
z_mapPlots a platemap with heatmap of scaled values
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