#user interface for United Nations Advanced Example
  # Application title
  titlePanel("Ideal Points"),
  # Sidebar with a slider input for number of bins
    h3("Ideal Points Estimation"),
    # Select Justices name here
    selectizeInput("name", label = "Country Name(s) of Interest",
                   choices = unique(ideal$Name), multiple = T,
                   options = list(maxItems = 5, placeholder = 'Select a name'),
                   selected = "United States of America"),
    # Term plot
    plotOutput("termPlot", height = 200),
    helpText("Data: Bailey, Michael, Anton  Strezhnev and Erik Voeten. Forthcoming.  “Estimating Dynamic State Preferences from United Nations Voting Data.” Journal of Conflict Resolution. ")
  # Show a plot of the generated distribution

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