Man pages for plspm
Partial Least Squares Path Modeling (PLS-PM)

alphaCronbach's alpha
arizonaArizona vegetation dataset
cerealsCereals datset
check_argsCheck arguments for 'plspm' and ''
check_blocksCheck well defined blocks
check_bootCheck bootstrap options
check_dataCheck Data
check_maxiterCheck maximum number of iterations
check_modelCheck congruence between inner and outer models
check_modesCheck modes
check_pathCheck path matrix
check_plscompCheck vector of PLS components (for non-metric plspm)
check_scalingCheck types of measurement scales and metric
check_schemeCheck scheme
check_specsCheck specifications of PLS-PM algorithm
check_tolCheck tolerance threshold
collegeCollege datasets
dummy.GDummy by Giorgio
futbolFutbol dataset from Spain-England-Italy
get_alphaCalculate Cronbach's alpha
get_aveCalculate AVE (Average Variance Extracted)
get_bootsPerforms bootstrap validation in 'plspm'
get_boot_statsGet data frame with bootstrap statistics
get_data_scaledScaling data outside 'plspm'
get_dummiesDummy matrices for categorical manifest variables
get_dummyNon-Metric Dummy
get_effectsPath coefficient effects for 'plspm'
get_generalsGet general parameters
get_gofGoodness-of-fit for 'plspm'
get_GQIGroup Quality Index
get_inner_summaryInner summary assessment
get_locals_testLocal groups comparison test
get_manifestsBuilding data matrix with manifest variables
get_metricType of metric based on scaling measurement
get_nom_scaleNon-Metric Nominal Scale
get_numericsTransform factors in MV into numeric
get_num_scaleNon-Metric Numerical Scale
get_ord_scaleNon-Metric Ordinal Scale
get_pathsCalculate path coefficients for 'plspm'
get_path_schemeCalculate inner weighting path scheme
get_PLSRInternal PLS regression (full data)
get_plsr1PLS regression for 'plspm'
get_PLSR_NAInternal PLS regression with missing values
get_rankRank of a non-metric variable
get_rhoCalculate Dillon-Goldstein's rho
get_scoresCalculate Latent Variable Scores
get_treated_dataApply corresponding treatment to MV
get_unidimUnidimensionality of reflective blocks
get_weightsOuter Weights
get_weights_nonmetricOuter Weights Non-Metric Data
innerplotPlot inner model
is_missingPresence of missing values
it.rebIterative steps of Response-Based Unit Segmentation (REBUS)
local.modelsPLS-PM for global and local models
mobileECSI Mobile Phone Provider dataset
normalizeNormalize a vector
offenseOffense dataset
orangeOrange Juice dataset
outerplotPlot outer model
plot.plspmPlots for PLS Path Models
plspmPLS-PM: Partial Least Squares Path Modeling
plspm.fitBasic results for Partial Least Squares Path Modeling
plspm.groupsTwo Groups Comparison in PLS-PM
quantiplotQuantification Plot
rebus.plsResponse Based Unit Segmentation (REBUS)
rebus.testPermutation Test for REBUS Multi-Group Comparison
rescaleRescale Latent Variable Scores
res.clusClustering on communality and structural residuals
rhoDillon-Goldstein's rho
russaRussett A
russbRussett B
russettRussett dataset
satisfactionSatisfaction dataset
simdataSimulated data for REBUS with two groups
spainfootSpanish football dataset
technologyTechnology data set
test_datasetTest Data Set Availibility
test_factorsTest presence of factors
test_manifest_scalingTest scaling of selected manifest variables
test_null_weightsTest outer weights convergence within specified maxiter
unidimUnidimensionality of blocks
winesWines dataset
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