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Arizona vegetation dataset


This dataset gives the measurements of 16 vegetation communitites in the Santa Catalina Mountains, Arizona. The measurements were taken along different elevations from fir forest at high elevations, through pine forest, woodlands, and desert grassland.


A data frame with 16 observations and 8 variables. The variables refer to three latent concepts: 1) ENV=environment, 2) SOIL=soil, and 3) DIV=diversity.

Num Variable Description Concept
1 env.elev Elevation (m) environment
2 env.incli Terrain inclination (degrees) environment
3 Acidity and base saturation soil
4 soil.orgmat Organic matter content (perc) soil
5 soil.nitro Nitrogen content (perc) soil
6 div.trees Number of species of trees diversity
7 div.shrubs Numer of species of shrubs diversity
8 div.herbs Number of species of herbs diversity

The complete name of the rows are: 1) Abies lasiocarpa, 2) Abies concolor, 3) Pseudotsuga menziesii-Abies Concolor, 4) Pseudotsuga menziesii, 5) Pinus ponderosa-Pinus strobiformis, 6) Pinus ponderosa, 7) Pinus ponderosa-Quercus, 8) Pinus chihuahuana, 9) Pygmy conifer-oak scrub, 10) Open oak woodland, 11) Bouteloua curtipendula, 12) Spinose-suffrutescent, 13) Cercidium microphyllum, 14) Larrea divaricata, 15) Cercocarpus breviflorus, 16) Populus tremuloides.


Mixed data from Whittaker et al (1968), and Whittaker and Niering (1975). See References below.


Whittaker, R. H., Buol, S. W., Niering, W. A., and Havens, Y. H. (1968) A Soil and Vegetation Pattern in the Santa Catalina Mountains, Arizona. Soil Science, 105, pp. 440-450.

Whittaker, R. H., and Niering, W. A. (1975) Vegetation of the Santa Catalina Mountains, Arizona. V. Biomass, Production, and Diversity Along the Elevation Gradient. Ecology, 56, pp. 771-790.



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