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College datasets


Dataset with different scores (high school, undergrad basic, undergrad intermediate, and GPA) of graduated college student in life sciences majors




A data frame with 352 students on the following 13 variables. The variables may be used to construct four suggested latent concepts: 1) HighSchool=High School related scores, 2) Basic=scores of basic courses, 3) InterCourse=Scores of intermediate courses, 4) GPA=Final GPA (Graduate Point Average)

Num Variable Description Concept
1 HS_GPA High School GPA HighSchool
2 SAT_Verbal Verbal SAT score HighSchool
3 SAT_Math Math SAT score HighSchool
4 Biology1 Introductory Biology BasicCourses
5 Chemistry1 Introductoy Chemistry BasicCourses
6 Math1 Calculus 1 BasicCourses
7 Physics1 Introductory Physics BasicCourses
8 Biology2 Intermediate Biology InterCourses
9 Chemistry2 Intermediate Chemistry InterCourses
10 Math2 Calculus 2 InterCourses
11 Physics2 Intermediate Physics InterCourses
12 FinalGPA Graduation GPA FinalGPA
13 Gender Gender none


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