01Introduction: Introduction to the popbio Package

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Popbio is a package for the construction and analysis of matrix population models. First, the package consists of the R translation of Matlab code found in Caswell (2001) or Morris and Doak (2002). A list of converted functions within each book can be accessed using help(Caswell) and help(Morris) within R, or by following the links to 02.Caswell and 03.Morris from the help content pages.

Second, the popbio package includes functions to estimate vital rates and construct projection matrices from raw census data typically collected in plant demography studies. In these studies, vital rates can often be estimated directly from annual censuses of tagged individuals using transition frequency tables. To estimate vital rates in animal demography using capture-recapture methods, try the Rcapture or mra package instead.

Finally, the package includes plotting methods and sample datasets consisting of either published projection matrices or annual census data from demography studies. Three sample demonstrations illustrate some of the package capabilities (Caswell, fillmore and stage.classify). A description of the package in the Journal of Statistical Software is available at http://www.jstatsoft.org/v22/i11.


Chris Stubben


To cite the popbio package in publications, type citation('popbio'). For details on matrix population models, see

Caswell, H. 2001. Matrix population models: Construction, analysis, and interpretation, Second edition. Sinauer, Sunderland, Massachusetts, USA.

Morris, W. F., and D. F. Doak. 2002. Quantitative conservation biology: Theory and practice of population viability analysis. Sinauer, Sunderland, Massachusetts, USA.

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