Man pages for pracma
Practical Numerical Math Functions

accumarrayAccumulate Vector Elements
agmeanArithmetic-geometric Mean
aitkenAitken' Method
akimaUnivariate Akima Interpolation
andorLogical AND, OR (Matlab Style)
andrewsAndrews' Curves
angleBasic Complex Functions
anmsAdaptive Nelder-Mead Minimization
arclengthArc Length of a Curve
arnoldiArnoldi Iteration
barylagBarycentric Lagrange Interpolation
barylag2d2-D Barycentric Lagrange Interpolation
beepUtility functions (Matlab style)
bernoulliBernoulli Numbers and Polynomials
bernsteinBernstein Polynomials
bisectRootfinding Through Bisection or Secant Rule
bitsBinary Representation
blanksString of Blank Carakters
blkdiagBlock Diagonal Matrix
brentdekkerBrent-Dekker Root Finding Algorithm
brown72Brownian Motion
broydenBroyden's Method
bsxfunElementwise Function Application (Matlab Style)
bvpBoundary Value Problems
cart2sphCoordinate Transformations
cdDirectory Functions (Matlab style)
ceilInteger Functions (Matlab Style)
charpolyCharacteristic Polynomial
chebApproxChebyshev Approximation
chebCoeffChebyshev Polynomials
chebPolyChebyshev Polynomials
circlefitFitting a Circle
clearClear function (Matlab style)
clenshaw_curtisClenshaw-Curtis Quadrature Formula
combsGenerate Combinations
companCompanion Matrix
complexstepComplex Step Derivatives
condMatrix Condition
convPolynomial Convolution
cotesNewton-Cotes Formulas
cranknicCrank-Nicolson Method
crossVector Cross Product
crossnn-dimensional Vector Cross Product
cubicsplineInterpolating Cubic Spline
curvefitParametric Curve Fit
cutpointsFind Cutting Points
dblquadDouble and Triple Integration
deeveEvent Detection in ODE solution
deg2radDegrees to Radians
detrendRemove Linear Trends
devalEvaluate ODE Solution
diagMatrix Diagonal
distmatDistance Matrix
dotScalar Product
eigEigenvalue Function (Matlab Style)
eigjacobiJacobi Eigenvalue Method
einsteinFEinstein Functions
ellipElliptic and Jacobi Elliptic Integrals
entropyApproximate and Sample Entropy
epsFloating Point Relative Accuracy
erfzError Functions and Inverses (Matlab Style)
errorbarPlot Error Bars
etaDirichlet Eta Function
euler_heunEuler-Heun ODE Solver
expintExponential and Logarithmic Integral
expmMatrix Exponential
eyeSome Basic Matrices
ezcontourContour, Surface, and Mesh Plotter
ezplotEasy Function Plot
ezpolarEasy Polar Plot
factFactorial Function
factorsPrime Factors
fderivNumerical Differentiation
fibsearchFibonacci Search
figureControl Plot Devices (Matlab Style)
findfind function (Matlab Style)
findintervalsFind Interval Indices
findminsFind All Minima
findpeaksFind Peaks
findzerosFind All Roots
fletcherpowellFletcher-Powell Conjugate Gradient Minimization
flipdimMatrix Flipping (Matlab Style)
fminbndFinding Function Minimum
fminconMinimize Nonlinear Constrained Multivariable Function.
fminsearchDerivative-free Nonlinear Function Minimization
fminuncMinimize Unconstrained Multivariable Function
fnormFunction Norm
fornbergFornberg's Finite Difference Approximation
fprintfFormatted Printing (Matlab style)
fractalcurveFractal Curves
fresnelFresnel Integrals
fsolveSolve System of Nonlinear Equations
fzeroRoot Finding Algorithm
fzsolveComplex Root Finding
gammaincIncomplete Gamma Function
gammazComplex Gamma Function
gaussHermiteGauss-Hermite Quadrature Formula
gauss_kronrodGauss-Kronrod Quadrature
gaussLaguerreGauss-Laguerre Quadrature Formula
gaussLegendreGauss-Legendre Quadrature Formula
gaussNewtonGauss-Newton Function Minimization
gcdGCD and LCM Integer Functions
geo_medianGeometric Median
givensGivens Rotation
gmresGeneralized Minimal Residual Method
golden_ratioGolden Ratio Search
gradNumerical Gradient
gradientDiscrete Gradient (Matlab Style)
hadamardHadamard Matrix
halleyHalley's Root Finding Mathod
hampelHampel Filter
hankelHankel Matrix
hausdorffHausdorff Distance
haversineHaversine Formula
hessenbergHessenberg Matrix
hessianHessian Matrix
hessutilsHessian utilities
hilbHilbert Matrix
histcHistogram Count (Matlab style)
histssHistogram Bin-width Optimization
hookejeevesHooke-Jeeves Function Minimization Method
hornerHorner's Rule
householderHouseholder Reflections
humpsMatlab Test Functions
hurstHurst Exponent
hyperbolicMore Hyperbolic Functions
hypotHypotenuse Function
ifftInverse Fast Fourier Transformation
inpolygonPolygon Region
integralAdaptive Numerical Integration
integral2Numerically Evaluate Double and Triple Integrals
interp1One-dimensional Interpolation
interp2Two-dimensional Data Interpolation
invMatrix Inverse (Matlab Style)
invlapInverse Laplacian
isemptyisempty Property
isposdefPositive Definiteness
isprimeisprime Property
itersolveIterative Methods
jacobianJacobian Matrix
krigingInterpolation by Kriging
kronKronecker product (Matlab Style)
l1linregL1 Linear Regression
laguerreLaguerre's Method
lambertWLambert's W Function
laplacianLaplacian Operator
lebesgueLebesgue Constant
legendreLegendre Functions (Matlab Style)
linearprojLinear Projection onto a Subspace
line_integralLine integral (in the complex plane)
linprogLinear Programming Solver
linspaceLinearly Spaced Sequences
logspaceLog-linearly Spaced Sequences
lsqlinLinear Least-Squares Fitting
lsqlinconLinear Least-Squares Fitting with linear constraints
lsqnonlinNonlinear Least-Squares Fitting
luLU Matrix Factorization
magicMagic Square
matlabMatlab Compatibility
meanGeometric and Harmonic Mean (Matlab Style)
meshgridGenerate a Mesh Grid
mexpfitMulti-exponential Fitting
midpointBulirsch-Stoer Algorithm
mldivideMatlab backslash operator
modInteger Division
modeMode function (Matlab style)
molerMoler Matrix
movavgMoving Average Filters
mullerMuller's Method
nchoosekBinomial Coefficients
ndimsNumber of Dimensions
nearest_spdNearest Symmetric Positive-definite Matrix
neldermeadNelder-Mead Function Minimization Method
nevilleNeville's Method
newmarkNewmark Method
newtonHornerNewton's Root Finding Method for Polynomials.
newtonInterpLagrange and Newtons Interpolation
newtonRaphsonRootfinding through Newton-Raphson or Secant.
newtonsysNewton Method for Nonlinear Systems
nextpow2Next Power of 2
nnzNonzero Elements
normVector Norm
normestEstimated Matrix Norm
nthrootReal nth Root
nullspaceKernel or Nullspace
numderivRichardson's Numerical Derivative
numelNumber of Elements
odeNon-stiff (and stiff) ODE solvers
odregressOrthogonal Distance Regression
orthRange Space
padePade Approximation
pascalPascal Triangle
pchipHermitean Interpolation Polynomials
peaksPeaks Function (Matlab Style)
permsGenerate Permutations
piecewisePiecewise Linear Function
pinvPseudoinverse or Generalized Inverse
plotyyPlotting Two y-Axes
poisson2diskPoisson Disk Sampling
polarPolar Coordinate Plot (Matlab Style)
polyDefine Polynomial by Roots
poly2strPrint Polynomial
polyaddAdding Polynomials
polyApproxPolynomial Approximation
polyareaArea of a Polygon
polyderDerivative of Polynomial
polyfitFitting by Polynomial
polyintAnti-derivative of Polynomial
polylogPolylogarithm Function
polymulMultiplying and Dividing Polynomials
polypowPolynomial Powers
polytransPolynomial Transformations
polyvalEvaluating a Polynomial
pow2Base 2 Power
ppPiecewise Polynomial Structures
ppfitPiecewise Polynomial Fit
pracma-packagePractical Numerical Math Routines
primesPrime Numbers
procrustesSolving the Procrustes Problem
psiPsi (Polygamma) Function
qpspecialSpecial Quadratic Programming Solver
qrSolveLSE Solution
quadAdaptive Simpson Quadrature
quad2d2-d Gaussian Quadrature
quadccAdaptive Clenshaw-Curtis Quadrature
quadgkAdaptive Gauss-Kronrod Quadrature
quadgrGaussian Quadrature with Richardson Extrapolation
quadinfInfinite Integrals
quadlAdaptive Lobatto Quadrature
quadprogQuadratic Programming
quadvVectorized Integration
quiverQuiver or Velocity Plot
randCreate Random Matrices
randcombRandom Combination
randorthoGenerate Random Orthonormal or Unitary Matrix
randpermRandom Permutation
rankMatrix Rank
ratContinuous Fractions (Matlab Style)
ratinterpRational Interpolation
rationalfitRational Function Approximation
rectintRectangle Intersection Areas
refindallFind overlapping regular expression matches.
regexpMatch regular expression
regexprepReplace string using regular expression
repmatReplicate Matrix
reshapeReshape Matrix
riddersRidders' Root Finding Method
rk4Classical Runge-Kutta
rmserrAccuracy Measures
rombergRomberg Integration
rootsPolynomial Roots
rosserRosser Matrix
rot90Matrix Rotation
rrefReduced Row Echelon Form
rungeRunge Function
savgolSavitzky-Golay Smoothing
segm_distanceSegment Distance
segm_intersectSegment Intersection
semilogSemi-logarithmic Plots (Matlab Style)
shootingShooting Method
shubertShubert-Piyavskii Method
siciSine and Cosine Integral Functions
sigmoidSigmoid Function
simpadptAdaptive Simpson Quadrature
simpson2dDouble Simpson Integration
sindTrigonometric Functions in Degrees
sizeSize of Matrix
softlineSoft (Inexact) Line Search
sortingSorting Routines
sortrowsSort Rows of a Matrix (Matlab Style)
spinterpMonotone (Shape-Preserving) Interpolation
sqrtmMatrix Square and p-th Roots
squareformFormat Distance Matrix (Matlab Style)
stdStandard Deviation (Matlab Style)
std_errStandard Error
steep_descentSteepest Descent Minimization
stereographicStereographic Projection
str2numConverting string to number (Matlab style)
strcatString Concatenation
strcmpString Comparison
strfindFind Substrings
strjustJustify character vector
strrepFind and replace substring
strtrimRemove leading and trailing white space.
subspaceAngle between two subspaces
sumaltAlternating Series Acceleration
taylorTaylor Series Approximation
tictocMATLAB timer functions
titaniumTitanium Test Data
toeplitzToeplitz Matrix
traceMatrix trace
trapzTrapezoidal Integration
triTriangular Matrices (Matlab Style)
trigApproxTrigonometric Approximation
trigonometricMore Trigonometric Functions
trigPolyTrigonometric Polynomial
triquadGaussian Triangle Quadrature
trisolveTridiagonal Linear System Solver
vanderVandermonde matrix
vectorfieldVector Field Plotting
whittakerWhittaker Smoothing
wilkinsonwilkinson Matrix
zetaRiemann Zeta Function
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