Man pages for predict3d
Draw Three Dimensional Predict Plot Using Package 'rgl'

add_linesAdd lines with labels to pre-existing ggplot
beNumericWhether a string vector can be converted to numeric
calEquationcalculated slope and intercept from object of class lm
expand.grid2expand.grid with two data.frames
fit2newdataMake a new data set for prediction
getAspectRatioGet aspect information of a ggplot
getMeanscalculate mean values of two consecutive number
getNewFormulaMake new formula
gg_color_huePick default color
ggPredictVisualize predictions from the multiple regression models.
is.mynumericDecide whether a vector can be treated as a numeric variable
myseqGenerate regular sequences of desired length between minimum...
number2groupConvert a numeric vector into groups
predict3dDraw 3d predict plot using package 'rgl'
rank2colorsRank a numeric vector using proportional table and returns...
rank2group2Rank a numeric vector using proportional table and returns a...
restoreDataRestore factors in data.frame as numeric
restoreData2restore data column with I() function
restoreData3Restore data from arithmetic operator
restoreNamesRestore factors in variable name as numeric
revOperatorget opposite arithmetic operator
seekNamesDfFind variable names in data.frame
seq_rangeCreate a sequence over the range of a vector
slope2angleMake angle data with slope data
string2patternchange string to pattern
theme_bw2theme_bw with no grid
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