Man pages for prevalence
Tools for Prevalence Assessment Studies

betaExpertCalculate the parameters of a Beta distribution based on...
betaPERTCalculate the parameters of a Beta-PERT distribution
convert-methodsMethods for Function 'as.matrix' in Package 'prevalence'
defineDefinition of 'truePrevMulti' and 'truePrevMulti2' model
plot-methodsMethods for Function 'plot' in Package 'prevalence'
plot-methods-codaPlotting functions from package 'coda'
prevalence-packageTools for prevalence assessment studies
prev-classClass '"prev"'
print-methodsMethods for Function 'print' in Package 'prevalence'
propCICalculate confidence intervals for prevalences and other...
show-methodsMethods for Function 'show' in Package 'prevalence'
summary-methodsMethods for Function 'summary' in Package 'prevalence'
truePrevEstimate true prevalence from individuals samples
truePrevMultiEstimate true prevalence from individuals samples using...
truePrevMulti2Estimate true prevalence from individuals samples using...
truePrevPoolsEstimate true prevalence from pooled samples
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