Man pages for propr
Calculating Proportionality Between Vectors of Compositional Data

aldex2proprImport 'ALDEx2' Object
aldex.corCorrelate CLR Data with a Continuous Measurement
aldex.glmBuild a Generalized Linear Model from CLR Data
allA list of most parameters.
alphaTheta_oldCalculate alpha Theta
alphaThetaW_oldCalculate Weighted Theta
calculateFDRCalculate FDR Cutoffs
calculateFDR_oldCalculate FDR Cutoffs
calculateThetaCalculate Theta
calculateTheta_oldCalculate Theta
calculateThetaW_oldCalculate Weighted Theta
caneToad.countsExample Cane Toad Count Data
caneToad.groupsExample Cane Toad Group Data
dendroCheckDendrogram Plot Check
ggdendDendrogram Plot Wrapper
ivar2indexBuild Index from ivar Argument
lr2corCorrelate CLR Data with a Continuous Measurement
lr2glmBuild a Generalized Linear Model from CLR Data
mailMock Mail Count Data
marg.absExample Absolute mRNA
migraph'igraph' Helper Functions
multiplotPlot Multiple Graphs
packageCheckPackage Check
palsCalculate PALs for Pairs
pd.dExample propd Object
pd.eExample propd Object
permuteThetaPermute Theta
permuteTheta_falsePermute Theta
permuteTheta_naivePermute Theta
permuteTheta_oldPermute Theta
permuteTheta_primePermute Theta
plotCheckPlot Check
progressMake Progress Bar
promptCheckFeature Check
propdThe propd Method
proprThe propr Package
proprALRCalculates the additive log-ratio transformation.
proprCLRCalculates the centered log-ratio transformation.
proprPairsRecasts proportionality matrix as a table of feature pairs.
proprPerbCalculate proportionality metric rho (Erb 2016).
proprPhitCalculate proportionality metric phi (Lovell 2015).
proprSymSymmetrizes a proportionality matrix.
proprTriRetrieve the lower left triangle of a proportionality matrix.
proprVLRCalculates the variance of the log of the ratios.
qthetaCalculate a theta Cutoff
ratiosRecast Matrix as Feature Ratios
top.countsExample propr Object
top.lrExample propr Object
updateCutoffsUpdate FDR by Permutation
visualizeVisualize Proportionality
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