Man pages for provenance
Statistical Toolbox for Sedimentary Provenance Analysis

amalgamateGroup components of a composition
as.acompcreate an 'acomp' object
as.compositionalcreate a 'compositional' object a 'data.frame' object
botevCompute the optimal kernel bandwidth
bray.dissBray-Curtis dissimilarity
CLRCentred logratio transformation
combineCombine samples of distributional data
densitiesA list of rock and mineral densities
dissCalculate the dissimilarity matrix between two...
endmembersPetrographic end-member compositions
get.fCalculate the largest fraction that is likely to be missed
get.nCalculate the number of grains required to achieve a desired...
get.pCalculate the probability of missing a given population...
GPAGeneralised Procrustes Analysis of configurations
indscalIndividual Differences Scaling of provenance data
KDECreate a kernel density estimate
KDEsGenerate an object of class 'KDEs'
KS.dissKolmogorov-Smirnov dissimilarity
Kuiper.dissKuiper dissimilarity
MDSMultidimensional Scaling
minsortingAssess settling equivalence of detrital components
NamibAn example dataset
PCAPrincipal Component Analysis
plot.compositionalPlot a pie chart
plot.distributionalPlot continuous data as histograms or cumulative age...
plot.GPAPlot a Procrustes configuration
plot.INDSCALPlot an INDSCAL group configuration and source weights
plot.KDEPlot a kernel density estimate
plot.MDSPlot an MDS configuration
plot.minsortingPlot inferred grain size distributions
plot.PCACompositional biplot
plot.ternaryPlot a ternary diagram
points.ternaryAdd points on a ternary diagram
procrustesGeneralised Procrustes Analysis of provenance data
provenanceMenu-based interface for 'provenance'
read.compositionalRead a .csv file with categorical data
read.densitiesRead a .csv file with mineral and rock densities
read.distributionalRead a .csv file with continuous (detrital zircon) data
restoreUndo the effect of hydraulic sorting
SH.dissSircombe and Hazelton distance
subset.compositionalGet a subset of compositional data
subset.distributionalGet a subset of distributional data
summaryplotJoint plot of several provenance datasets
ternaryDefine a ternary composition
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