read.distributional: Read a .csv file with distributional data

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Read a .csv file with distributional data


Reads a data table containing distributional data, i.e. lists of continuous data such as detrital zircon U-Pb ages.


  errorfile = NA,
  method = "KS",
  xlab = "age [Ma]",
  colmap = "rainbow",
  sep = ",",
  dec = ".",
  header = TRUE,
  check.names = FALSE,



the path of a .csv file with the input data, arranged in columns.


the (optional) path of a .csv file with the standard errors of the input data, arranged by column in the same order as fname. Must be specified if the data are to be compared with the Sircombe-Hazelton dissimilarity.


an optional string specifying the dissimilarity measure which should be used for comparing this with other datasets. Should be one of either "KS" (for Kolmogorov-Smirnov), "Kuiper" (for Kuiper) or "SH" (for Sircombe and Hazelton). If method = "SH", then errorfile should be specified. If method = "SH" and errorfile is unspecified, then the program will default back to the Kolmogorov-Smirnov dissimilarity.


an optional string specifying the nature and units of the data. This string is used to label kernel density estimates.


an optional string with the name of one of R's built-in colour palettes (e.g., heat.colors, terrain.colors, topo.colors, cm.colors), which are to be used for plotting the data.


the field separator character. Values on each line of the file are separated by this character.


the character used in the file for decimal points.


a logical value indicating whether the file contains the names of the variables as its first line.


logical. If TRUE then the names of the variables in the frame are checked to ensure that they are syntactically variable names.


optional arguments to the built-in read.csv function


an object of class distributional, i.e. a list with the following items:

x: a named list of vectors containing the numerical data for each sample

err: an (optional) named list of vectors containing the standard errors of x

method: either "KS" (for Kolmogorov-Smirnov), "Kuiper" (for the Kuiper statistic) or "SH" (for Sircombe Hazelton)

breaks: a vector with the locations of the histogram bin edges

xlab: a string containing the label to be given to the x-axis on all plots

colmap: the colour map provided by the input argument

name: the name of the data object, extracted from the file path


    agefile <- system.file("Namib/DZ.csv",package="provenance")
    errfile <- system.file("Namib/DZerr.csv",package="provenance")
    DZ <- read.distributional(agefile,errfile)

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