densities: A list of rock and mineral densities

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A list of rock and mineral densities


List of rock and mineral densities using the following abbreviations: Q (quartz), KF (K-feldspar), P (plagioclase), F (feldspar), Lvf (felsic/porfiritic volcanic rock fragments), Lvm (microlithic / porfiritic / trachitic volcanic rock fragments), Lcc (calcite), Lcd (dolomite), Lp (marl), Lch (chert), Lms (argillaceous / micaceous rock fragments), Lmv (metavolcanics), Lmf (metasediments), Lmb (metabasites), Lv (volcanic rock fragments), Lc (carbonates), Ls (sedimentary rock fragments), Lm (metamorphic rock fragments), Lu (serpentinite), mica, opaques, FeOx (Fe-oxides), turbids, zr (zircon), tm (tourmaline), rt (rutile), TiOx (Ti-oxides), sph (titanite), ap (apatite), mon (monazite), oth (other minerals), ep (epidote), othLgM (prehnite + pumpellyite + lawsonite + carpholite), gt (garnet), ctd (chloritoid), st (staurolite), and (andalusite), ky (kyanite), sil (sillimanite), amp (amphibole), px (pyroxene), cpx (clinopyroxene), opx (orthopyroxene), ol (olivine), spinel and othHM (other heavy minerals).


Alberto Resentini and Pieter Vermeesch


Resentini, A, Malusa M G and Garzanti, E. "MinSORTING: An Excel worksheet for modelling mineral grain-size distribution in sediments, with application to detrital geochronology and provenance studies." Computers & Geosciences 59 (2013): 90-97.

Garzanti, E, Ando, S and Vezzoli, G. "Settling equivalence of detrital minerals and grain-size dependence of sediment composition." Earth and Planetary Science Letters 273.1 (2008): 138-151.

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N8 <- subset(Namib$HM,select="N8")
distribution <- minsorting(N8,densities,phi=2,sigmaphi=1,medium="air",by=0.05)

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