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Karl Broman

R/qtl2 (aka qtl2) is a reimplementation of the QTL analysis software R/qtl, to better handle high-dimensional data and complex cross designs.

Also see the related packages, qtl2convert (for converting data among the R/qtl2, DOQTL, and R/qtl formats), qtl2fst (for storing genotype probabilities on disk), and qtl2ggplot (for ggplot2-based data visualizations).


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Broman KW, Gatti DM, Simecek P, Furlotte NA, Prins P, Sen Ś, Yandell BS, Churchill GA (2018) R/qtl2: software for mapping quantitative trait loci with high-dimensional data and multi-parent populations. Genetics 211:495-502 doi:10.1534/genetics.118.301595


Licensed under GPL-3.

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