calc_genoprob: Calculate conditional genotype probabilities

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Calculate conditional genotype probabilities


Uses a hidden Markov model to calculate the probabilities of the true underlying genotypes given the observed multipoint marker data, with possible allowance for genotyping errors.


  map = NULL,
  error_prob = 0.0001,
  map_function = c("haldane", "kosambi", "c-f", "morgan"),
  lowmem = FALSE,
  quiet = TRUE,
  cores = 1



Object of class "cross2". For details, see the R/qtl2 developer guide.


Genetic map of markers. May include pseudomarker locations (that is, locations that are not within the marker genotype data). If NULL, the genetic map in cross is used.


Assumed genotyping error probability


Character string indicating the map function to use to convert genetic distances to recombination fractions.


If FALSE, split individuals into groups with common sex and crossinfo and then precalculate the transition matrices for a chromosome; potentially a lot faster but using more memory.


If FALSE, print progress messages.


Number of CPU cores to use, for parallel calculations. (If 0, use parallel::detectCores().) Alternatively, this can be links to a set of cluster sockets, as produced by parallel::makeCluster().


Let O_k denote the observed marker genotype at position k, and g_k denote the corresponding true underlying genotype.

We use the forward-backward equations to calculate \alpha_{kv} = \log Pr(O_1, \ldots, O_k, g_k = v) and \beta_{kv} = \log Pr(O_{k+1}, \ldots, O_n | g_k = v)

We then obtain Pr(g_k | O_1, \ldots, O_n) = \exp(\alpha_{kv} + \beta_{kv}) / s where s = \sum_v \exp(\alpha_{kv} + \beta_{kv})


An object of class "calc_genoprob": a list of three-dimensional arrays of probabilities, individuals x genotypes x positions. (Note that the arrangement is different from R/qtl.) Also contains four attributes:

  • crosstype - The cross type of the input cross.

  • is_x_chr - Logical vector indicating whether chromosomes are to be treated as the X chromosome or not, from input cross.

  • alleles - Vector of allele codes, from input cross.

  • alleleprobs - Logical value (FALSE) that indicates whether the probabilities are compressed to allele probabilities, as from genoprob_to_alleleprob().

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grav2 <- read_cross2(system.file("extdata", "", package="qtl2"))
gmap_w_pmar <- insert_pseudomarkers(grav2$gmap, step=1)
probs <- calc_genoprob(grav2, gmap_w_pmar, error_prob=0.002)

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