randomizeR: Randomization for Clinical Trials

This tool enables the user to choose a randomization procedure based on sound scientific criteria. It comprises the generation of randomization sequences as well the assessment of randomization procedures based on carefully selected criteria. Furthermore, randomizeR provides a function for the comparison of randomization procedures.

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AuthorDavid Schindler [aut], Diane Uschner [aut, cre], Martin Manolov [ctb], Thi Mui Pham [ctb], Ralf-Dieter Hilgers [aut, ths], Nicole Heussen [aut, ths]
Date of publication2016-06-23 19:44:15
MaintainerDiane Uschner <duschner@ukaachen.de>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

a: Function returning the adjusting parameter a slot of an S4...

abcdPar: Representing Accelerated Biased Coin Design

abcdRand: Sampling algorithm for abcd

assess: Assessing randomization sequences

bbcdPar: Representing Bayesian Biased Coin Design

bbcdRand: Sampling algorithm for bbcd

blocks: Function returning the block slot of an S4 object

bsdPar: Representing Big Stick Design

bsdRand: Sampling algorithm for BSD

cash-assessment-method: Method defining the $ operator for the assessemnt class

cash-comparison-method: Method defining the $ operator for the assessemnt class

cash-endpoint-method: Method defining the $ operator for the endpoint class

cash-issue-method: Method defining the $ operator for the issue class

cash-randPar-method: Method defining the $ operator for the randPar class

cash-randSeq-method: Method defining the $ operator for the randSeq class

chenPar: Representing Chen's Design

chenRand: Representing Chen's Design

chronBias: Representing chronological bias

coin: Function returning the coin slot of an S4 object

combineBias: Combined additive bias criterion

compare: Comparison of randomization procedures

corGuess: Representing the expected number of correct guesses

createParam: Representing any randomization procedure

createSeq: Query to create a randomization sequence of a particular...

crPar: Representing Complete Randomization

doublyT: Approximation of the distribution function of the doubly...

doublyTValues: Calculation of the biased type-one-error (resp. power) of...

ebcPar: Representing Efron's Biased Coin Design

gbcdPar: Representing Generalized Biased Coin Design

gbcdRand: Sampling algorithm for gbcd

generateAllSequences: Complete set of randomization sequences

generateRandomSequences: Generate random sequences

genNcps: Calculation of the NCPs of each randomization sequence for...

getCorGuesses: Matrix of the guesses of the investigator

getDesign: Design of a randomization procedure

getExpectation: Get expectations of a randomization list

getProbabilities: Theoretical probability for randomization sequences

getRandomizationList: Accessor function for the randomization list

hadaPar: Representing Hadamard Randomization

imbal: Representing the allocation imbalance

issue: Assessment criteria for clinical trials

K: Function returning the total sample size slot of an S4 object

method: Function returning the allocation ratio slot of an S4 object

mpPar: Representing Maximal Procedure

mti: Function returning the MTI slot of an S4 object

mu: Access the expectation value slot of a normEndp S4 object

N: Function returning the sample size slot of an S4 object

normEndp: Representation of normally distributed endpoints

overview: Overview over the parameters used in the 'randomizeR' package

pbrPar: Representing Permuted Block Randomization

plot: Generic plotting of comparison objects

plotSeq: Sequence plotting

randBlocks: Function returning the block slot of an S4 object

randomizeR-package: Randomization for Clinical Trials

randPar: Settings for randomization procedures

randPar-class: Randomization paramters

randSeq-class: An S4 Class for the representation of randomization sequences

rarPar: Representing Random Allocation Rule

ratio: Function returning the allocation ratio slot of an S4 object

rho: Function returning the adjusting parameter rho slot of an S4...

rpbrPar: Representing Randomized Permuted Block Randomization

rtbdPar: Representing Randomized Truncated Binomial Design

saveAssess: Saving an assess object

saveRand: Saving a randomization lists

seed: Function returning the allocation seed slot of an object

selBias: Representing selection bias

setPower: Representing the power

sigma: Function returning the standard deviation slot of a normEndp...

summary: Summary of assessments of a randomization procedure

tbdPar: Representing Truncated Binomal Design

type: Get type of an object

udPar: Representing Wei's Urn Design


a Man page
abcdPar Man page
abcdRand Man page
assess Man page
$,assessment-method Man page
assess,randSeq,endpoint-method Man page
assess,randSeq,missing-method Man page
bbcdPar Man page
bbcdRand Man page
blocks Man page
bsdPar Man page
bsdRand Man page
calcProb Man page
calculateProbabilities Man page
chenPar Man page
chenRand Man page
chronBias Man page
coin Man page
combineBias Man page
compare Man page
compare,issue,endpoint-method Man page
compare,issue,missing-method Man page
$,comparison-method Man page
corGuess Man page
createParam Man page
createSeq Man page
crPar Man page
doublyT Man page
doublyTValues Man page
ebcPar Man page
$,endpoint-method Man page
gbcdPar Man page
gbcdRand Man page
generateAllSequences Man page
generateRandomSequences Man page
genNcps Man page
genSeq Man page
genSeq,abcdPar,missing,missing-method Man page
genSeq,abcdPar,missing,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,abcdPar,numeric,missing-method Man page
genSeq,abcdPar,numeric,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,bbcdPar,missing,missing-method Man page
genSeq,bbcdPar,missing,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,bbcdPar,numeric,missing-method Man page
genSeq,bbcdPar,numeric,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,bsdPar,missing,missing-method Man page
genSeq,bsdPar,missing,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,bsdPar,numeric,missing-method Man page
genSeq,bsdPar,numeric,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,chenPar,missing,missing-method Man page
genSeq,chenPar,missing,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,chenPar,numeric,missing-method Man page
genSeq,chenPar,numeric,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,crPar,missing,missing-method Man page
genSeq,crPar,missing,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,crPar,numeric,missing-method Man page
genSeq,crPar,numeric,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,ebcPar,missing,missing-method Man page
genSeq,ebcPar,missing,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,ebcPar,numeric,missing-method Man page
genSeq,ebcPar,numeric,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,gbcdPar,missing,missing-method Man page
genSeq,gbcdPar,missing,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,gbcdPar,numeric,missing-method Man page
genSeq,gbcdPar,numeric,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,hadaPar,missing,missing-method Man page
genSeq,hadaPar,missing,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,hadaPar,numeric,missing-method Man page
genSeq,hadaPar,numeric,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,mpPar,missing,missing-method Man page
genSeq,mpPar,missing,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,mpPar,numeric,missing-method Man page
genSeq,mpPar,numeric,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,pbrPar,missing,missing-method Man page
genSeq,pbrPar,missing,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,pbrPar,numeric,missing-method Man page
genSeq,pbrPar,numeric,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,rarPar,missing,missing-method Man page
genSeq,rarPar,missing,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,rarPar,numeric,missing-method Man page
genSeq,rarPar,numeric,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,rpbrPar,missing,missing-method Man page
genSeq,rpbrPar,missing,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,rpbrPar,numeric,missing-method Man page
genSeq,rpbrPar,numeric,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,rtbdPar,missing,missing-method Man page
genSeq,rtbdPar,missing,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,rtbdPar,numeric,missing-method Man page
genSeq,rtbdPar,numeric,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,tbdPar,missing,missing-method Man page
genSeq,tbdPar,missing,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,tbdPar,numeric,missing-method Man page
genSeq,tbdPar,numeric,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,udPar,missing,missing-method Man page
genSeq,udPar,missing,numeric-method Man page
genSeq,udPar,numeric,missing-method Man page
genSeq,udPar,numeric,numeric-method Man page
getAllSeq Man page
getAllSeq,abcdPar-method Man page
getAllSeq,bbcdPar-method Man page
getAllSeq,bsdPar-method Man page
getAllSeq,chenPar-method Man page
getAllSeq,crPar-method Man page
getAllSeq,ebcPar-method Man page
getAllSeq,gbcdPar-method Man page
getAllSeq,hadaPar-method Man page
getAllSeq,mpPar-method Man page
getAllSeq,pbrPar-method Man page
getAllSeq,rarPar-method Man page
getAllSeq,tbdPar-method Man page
getAllSeq,udPar-method Man page
getCorGuesses Man page
getDesign Man page
getDesign,abcdPar-method Man page
getDesign,abcdSeq-method Man page
getDesign,bbcdPar-method Man page
getDesign,bbcdSeq-method Man page
getDesign,bsdPar-method Man page
getDesign,bsdSeq-method Man page
getDesign,chenPar-method Man page
getDesign,chenSeq-method Man page
getDesign,crPar-method Man page
getDesign,crSeq-method Man page
getDesign,ebcPar-method Man page
getDesign,ebcSeq-method Man page
getDesign,gbcdPar-method Man page
getDesign,gbcdSeq-method Man page
getDesign,hadaPar-method Man page
getDesign,hadaSeq-method Man page
getDesign,mpPar-method Man page
getDesign,mpSeq-method Man page
getDesign,pbrPar-method Man page
getDesign,pbrSeq-method Man page
getDesign,rarPar-method Man page
getDesign,rarSeq-method Man page
getDesign,rpbrPar-method Man page
getDesign,rRpbrSeq-method Man page
getDesign,rRtbdSeq-method Man page
getDesign,rtbdPar-method Man page
getDesign,tbdPar-method Man page
getDesign,tbdSeq-method Man page
getDesign,udPar-method Man page
getDesign,udSeq-method Man page
getExpectation Man page
getExpectation,randSeq,chronBias,missing-method Man page
getExpectation,randSeq,chronBias,normEndp-method Man page
getExpectation,randSeq,combinedBias,normEndp-method Man page
getExpectation,randSeq,combinedBiasStepTrend,normEndp-method Man page
getExpectation,randSeq,missing,normEndp-method Man page
getExpectation,randSeq,power,normEndp-method Man page
getExpectation,randSeq,selBias,missing-method Man page
getExpectation,randSeq,selBias,normEndp-method Man page
getProb Man page
getProb,abcdSeq-method Man page
getProbabilities Man page
getProb,bbcdSeq-method Man page
getProb,bsdSeq-method Man page
getProb,chenSeq-method Man page
getProb,crSeq-method Man page
getProb,ebcSeq-method Man page
getProb,gbcdSeq-method Man page
getProb,hadaSeq-method Man page
getProb,mpSeq-method Man page
getProb,pbrSeq-method Man page
getProb,rarSeq-method Man page
getProb,tbdSeq-method Man page
getProb,udSeq-method Man page
getRandList Man page
getRandomizationList Man page
hadaPar Man page
imbal Man page
issue Man page
$,issue-method Man page
issues Man page
K Man page
method Man page
mpPar Man page
mti Man page
mu Man page
N Man page
normEndp Man page
overview Man page
pbrPar Man page
plot Man page
plot,comparison,character-method Man page
plot,comparison,missing-method Man page
plotSeq Man page
randBlocks Man page
randomizeR Man page
randomizeR-package Man page
randPar Man page
randPar-class Man page
$,randPar-method Man page
randSeq-class Man page
$,randSeq-method Man page
rarPar Man page
ratio Man page
rho Man page
rpbrPar Man page
rtbdPar Man page
saveAssess Man page
saveRand Man page
seed Man page
selBias Man page
setPower Man page
sigma Man page
summary Man page
summary,assessment-method Man page
tbdPar Man page
type Man page
udPar Man page


inst/doc/comparison-example.R inst/doc/article.R
tests/testthat/test_mti.R tests/testthat/test_imbalance.R tests/testthat/test_nrOfSequences.R tests/testthat/test_combineBias.R tests/testthat/test_nrOfSequencesK3.R tests/testthat/test_endpoint.R tests/testthat/test_seedGenSeqK3.R tests/testthat/test_biasClass.R
tests/testthat/OnlyOnce/test_ratio.R tests/testthat/OnlyOnce/test_chronBiasSimVsExact.R tests/testthat/OnlyOnce/test_empiricalVsTheoreticalFrequency.R tests/testthat/OnlyOnce/test_selBiasSimVsExact.R tests/testthat/execute_testsOnlyOnce.R tests/testthat/test_sequenceProbability.R tests/testthat/test_comparison.R tests/testthat/test_balanceWithinBlocksK3.R tests/testthat/test_balanceAtTheEnd.R tests/testthat/test_seedGenSeq.R tests/testthat/test_getExpectation.R tests/testthat/examples.r tests/testthat/test_Assessment.R tests/testthat/test_balanceWithinBlocks.R tests/testthat/test_lengthOfSequences.R
R/getStat.R R/randPar.R R/chronBiasStepT.R R/crSeq.R R/gbcdPar.R R/udPar.R R/power.R R/corGuess.R R/doublyT.R R/randomBlockSeq.R R/rtbdPar.R R/rarPar.R R/mpPar.R R/assess.R R/crPar.R R/rpbrSeq.R R/normEndp.R R/rtbdSeq.R R/randomizeROverview.R R/bsdSeq.R R/mpSeq.R R/hadaPar.R R/tbdSeq.R R/bias.R R/saveRand.R R/imbalance.R R/abcdSeq.R R/chenPar.R R/createParam.R R/issue.R R/hadaSeq.R R/abcdPar.R R/getExpectation.R R/randSeq.R R/testDec.R R/pbrSeq.R R/udSeq.R R/combinedBias.R R/chenSeq.R R/bbcdPar.R R/endpoint.R R/rpbrPar.R R/randomizeRPackage.R R/tbdPar.R R/util.R R/ebcPar.R R/pbrPar.R R/saveAssess.R R/gbcdSeq.R R/getDesign.R R/bbcdSeq.R R/compare.R R/ebcSeq.R R/chronBias.R R/bsdPar.R R/selBias.R R/rarSeq.R
man/issue.Rd man/rarPar.Rd man/type.Rd man/imbal.Rd man/selBias.Rd man/cash-endpoint-method.Rd man/gbcdPar.Rd man/mu.Rd man/generateAllSequences.Rd man/getRandomizationList.Rd man/randomizeR-package.Rd man/seed.Rd man/setPower.Rd man/cash-randPar-method.Rd man/crPar.Rd man/randBlocks.Rd man/hadaPar.Rd man/chenPar.Rd man/mti.Rd man/normEndp.Rd man/overview.Rd man/abcdPar.Rd man/pbrPar.Rd man/doublyT.Rd man/bbcdRand.Rd man/rho.Rd man/K.Rd man/chenRand.Rd man/createParam.Rd man/genNcps.Rd man/randSeq-class.Rd man/combineBias.Rd man/cash-comparison-method.Rd man/ratio.Rd man/getDesign.Rd man/randPar-class.Rd man/abcdRand.Rd man/assess.Rd man/chronBias.Rd man/cash-issue-method.Rd man/method.Rd man/saveRand.Rd man/udPar.Rd man/ebcPar.Rd man/N.Rd man/gbcdRand.Rd man/coin.Rd man/cash-assessment-method.Rd man/compare.Rd man/generateRandomSequences.Rd man/getProbabilities.Rd man/blocks.Rd man/randPar.Rd man/getExpectation.Rd man/cash-randSeq-method.Rd man/plotSeq.Rd man/tbdPar.Rd man/mpPar.Rd man/saveAssess.Rd man/bbcdPar.Rd man/getCorGuesses.Rd man/corGuess.Rd man/createSeq.Rd man/sigma.Rd man/rpbrPar.Rd man/a.Rd man/plot.Rd man/rtbdPar.Rd man/bsdPar.Rd man/bsdRand.Rd man/summary.Rd man/doublyTValues.Rd

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