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Randomization for Clinical Trials

aFunction returning the adjusting parameter a slot of an S4...
abcdParRepresenting Accelerated Biased Coin Design
abcdRandSampling algorithm for abcd
assessAssessing randomization sequences
bbcdParRepresenting Bayesian Biased Coin Design
bbcdRandSampling algorithm for bbcd
blocksFunction returning the block slot of an S4 object
bsdParRepresenting Big Stick Design
bsdRandSampling algorithm for BSD
cash-assessment-methodMethod defining the $ operator for the assessment class
cash-comparison-methodMethod defining the $ operator for the assessment class
cash-derFunc-methodMethod defining the $ operator for the derFunc class
cash-desFunc-methodMethod defining the $ operator for the desFunc class
cash-desScores-methodMethod defining the $ operator for the assessment class
cash-endpoint-methodMethod defining the $ operator for the endpoint class
cash-evaluation-methodMethod defining the $ operator for the evaluation class
cash-issue-methodMethod defining the $ operator for the issue class
cash-probUnDesirable-methodMethod defining the $ operator for the probUnDesirable class
cash-randPar-methodMethod defining the $ operator for the randPar class
cash-randSeq-methodMethod defining the $ operator for the randSeq class
chenParRepresenting Chen's Design
chenRandRepresenting Chen's Design
chronBiasRepresenting chronological bias
coinFunction returning the coin slot of an S4 object
combineBiasCombined bias criterion
compareComparison of randomization procedures
corGuessRepresenting the expected number of correct guesses
createParamRepresenting any randomization procedure
createSeqQuery to create a randomization sequence of a particular...
crParRepresenting Complete Randomization
derFuncRepresenting Derringer-Suich desirability functions
desirabilityDesirability functions within the scope of clinical trials
doublyF_optDistribution function of the non central F-distribution
doublyF_valueRejection probability for one sequence in the presence of...
doublyF_valuesRejection probability in case of selection bias in multi-arm...
doublyTApproximation of the distribution function of the doubly...
doublyTValuesCalculation of the biased type-one-error probability (resp....
ebcParRepresenting Efron's Biased Coin Design
evaluateEvaluation of several randomization procedures with respect...
expEndpRepresentation of exponentially distributed endpoints
gbcdParRepresenting Generalized Biased Coin Design
gbcdRandSampling algorithm for gbcd
generateAllSequencesComplete set of randomization sequences
generateRandomSequencesGenerate random sequences
genNcpsCalculation of the NCPs of each randomization sequence for...
getbiasCS1Biasing Policy for a Group of Favored Treatments
getbiasCS2Biasing Policy for Avoiding the Placebo Treatment
getCorGuessesMatrix of the guesses of the investigator
getDesFuncType of Desirability function
getDesignDesign of a randomization procedure
getDesScoresApplying desirability functions on issues of individual...
getExpectationGet expectations of a randomization list
getProbabilitiesTheoretical probability for randomization sequences
getRandomizationListAccessor function for the randomization list
hadaParRepresenting Hadamard Randomization
hasAllGroupsCheck function for occurrence of all treatment groups in the...
hatMatrixCalculate hat matrix
imbalRepresenting the allocation imbalance
issueAssessment criteria for clinical trials
KFunction returning the total sample size slot of an S4 object
lambdaMethod returning the rate parameter of an expEndp S4 object
lambda1Calculate first non centrality parameter of the doubly non...
lambda2Calculate second non centrality parameter of the doubly non...
logRankDecSimSimulation of the test decision of the log rank test
logRankRejectionProbApproximation of the biased type I error probability (resp....
makeBiasedExpectationCalculate Expectation vector
makeDesignMatrixDesign Matrix
methodFunction returning the method of an S4 object
mpParRepresenting Maximal Procedure
mtiFunction returning the MTI slot of an S4 object
muAccess the expectation value slot of a normEndp S4 object
NFunction returning the sample size slot of an S4 object
normEndpRepresentation of normally distributed endpoints
overviewOverview over the parameters used in the 'randomizeR' package
pbrParRepresenting Permuted Block Randomization
plotGeneric plotting of comparison objects
plotDesdesScore plotting
plotEvEvaluation plotting
plotSeqSequence plotting
probUnDesComputing the probability of having desirability scores of...
randBlocksFunction returning the block slot of an S4 object
randomizeR-packageRandomization for Clinical Trials
randParSettings for randomization procedures
randSeq-classAn S4 Class for the representation of randomization sequences
rarParRepresenting Random Allocation Rule
ratioFunction returning the allocation ratio slot of an S4 object
rhoFunction returning the adjusting parameter rho slot of an S4...
rpbrParRepresenting Randomized Permuted Block Randomization
rtbdParRepresenting Randomized Truncated Binomial Design
saveAssessSaving an assess object
saveRandSaving a randomization lists
seedFunction returning the allocation seed slot of an object
selBiasRepresenting selection bias
setPowerRepresenting the power
sigmaFunction returning the standard deviation slot of a normEndp...
summarySummary of assessments of a randomization procedure
survEndpRepresentation of survival endpoints
tbdParRepresenting Truncated Binomal Design
TVFunction returning the target value slot of an S4 object
typeGet type of an object
udParRepresenting Wei's Urn Design
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