rtbdPar: Representing Randomized Truncated Binomial Design

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Represents the randomization procedure Randomized Truncated Binomial Design.


rtbdPar(N, rb = N, groups = LETTERS[1:2], filledBlock = FALSE)



integer for the total sample size of the trial.


block lengths of the blocks that can be selected equiprobable at random.


character vector of labels for the different treatments.


logical whether the last block should be filled or not.


Fix the possible random block lengths rb and the sample size of the trial N. Afterwards, one block length is randomly selected of the random block lengths. In this block a fair coin is tossed for the patient assignments until half of the patients have been assigend to one of the treatment arms. Afterwards, the block is filled with the other treatment. This procedure is repeated until N patients are assigned.


S4 object of the class rtbdPar.


W. F. Rosenberger and J. M. Lachin (2002) Randomization in Clinical Trials. Wiley.

See Also

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