Man pages for rcaiman
CAnopy IMage ANalysis

apply_thrApply threshold
azimuth_imageBuild azimuth image
calc_coCalculate canopy openness
calc_diameterCalculate diameter
calc_relative_radiusCalculate relative radius
calc_zenith_colrowCalculate zenith raster coordinates
calibrate_lensCalibrate lens
chessboardDo chessboard segmentation
cie_sky_model_rasterCIE sky model raster
colorfulnessQuantify colorfulness
correct_vignettingCorrect vignetting effect
crop_caimCrop a canopy image from a file
crosscalibrate_lensCross-calibrate lens
defuzzifyDefuzzify a fuzzy classification
enhance_caimEnhance canopy image
expand_noncircularExpand non-circular
extract_dnExtract digital numbers
extract_featureExtract feature
extract_radiometryExtract radiometry data
extract_rlExtract relative luminance
extract_sky_pointsExtract sky points
extract_sky_points_simpleExtract sky points
extract_sun_coordExtract sun coordinates
find_sky_pixelsFind sky pixels
find_sky_pixels_nonnullFind sky pixels following the non-null criteria
fisheye_to_equidistantFisheye to equidistant
fisheye_to_panoFisheye to panoramic
fit_cie_sky_modelFit CIE sky model
fit_coneshaped_modelFit cone-shaped model
fit_trend_surfaceFit a trend surface to sky digital numbers
fix_reconstructed_skyFix reconstructed sky
gbcGamma back correction
interpolate_sky_pointsInterpolate sky points
lensAccess the lens database
local_fuzzy_thresholdingLocal fuzzy thresholding
mask_hsMask hemisphere
maskingImage masking
mask_sunlit_canopyMask sunlit canopy
membership_to_colorCompute the membership to a target color
normalizeNormalize data
obiaDo object-based image analysis of canopy photographs
ootb_mbltOut-of-the-box model-based local thresholding
ootb_obiaOut-of-the-box object-based image analysis of canopy...
ootb_sky_reconstructionOut-of-the-box sky reconstruction
optim_normalizeOptimize normalize parameters
percentage_of_clipped_highlightsPercentage of clipped highlights
polar_qtreeDo quad-tree segmentation in the polar space
qtreeDo quad-tree segmentation
rcaiman-packagercaiman: CAnopy IMage ANalysis
read_binRead binarized images
read_caimRead a canopy image from a file
read_caim_rawRead a canopy image from a raw file
read_manual_inputRead manual input
read_opt_sky_coefRead optimized sky coefficients
regional_thresholdingRegional thresholding
rings_segmentationDo rings segmentation
row_col_from_zenith_azimuthObtain row and col numbers from zenith and azimuth angles
sectors_segmentationDo sectors segmentation
sky_grid_segmentationDo sky grid segmentation
test_lens_coefTest lens projection functions
thr_isodataCalculate a threshold with the isodata method
thr_mbltCalculate thresholds with the model-based method
write_binWrite binarized images
write_caimWrite canopy image
write_sky_pointsWrite sky points
write_sun_coordWrite sun coordinates
zenith_azimuth_from_row_colObtain zenith and azimuth angles from row and col numbers
zenith_imageBuild Zenith image
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