refund: Regression with Functional Data

Methods for regression for functional data, including function-on-scalar, scalar-on-function, and function-on-function regression. Some of the functions are applicable to image data.

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AuthorJeff Goldsmith [aut], Fabian Scheipl [aut], Lei Huang [aut, cre], Julia Wrobel [aut], Jonathan Gellar [aut], Jaroslaw Harezlak [aut], Mathew W. McLean [aut], Bruce Swihart [aut], Luo Xiao [aut], Ciprian Crainiceanu [aut], Philip T. Reiss [aut], Yakuan Chen [ctb], Sonja Greven [ctb], Lan Huo [ctb], Madan Gopal Kundu [ctb], So Young Park [ctb], David L. Miller [ctb], Ana-Maria Staicu [ctb]
Date of publication2016-08-03 10:09:56
MaintainerLei Huang <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

af: Construct an FGAM regression term

af_old: Construct an FGAM regression term

amc: Additive model with constraints

bayes_fosr: Bayesian Function-on-scalar regression

ccb.fpc: Corrected confidence bands using functional principal...

cd4: Observed CD4 cell counts

cmdscale_lanczos: Faster multi-dimensional scaling

coefboot.pffr: Simple bootstrap CIs for pffr

coefficients.pfr: Extract coefficient functions from a fitted pfr-object

coef.pffr: Get estimated coefficients from a pffr fit

create.prep.func: Construct a function for preprocessing functional predictors

DTI: Diffusion Tensor Imaging: tract profiles and outcomes

DTI2: Diffusion Tensor Imaging: more fractional anisotropy profiles... Return call with all possible arguments

fbps: Sandwich smoother for matrix data

ff: Construct a function-on-function regression term

ffpc: Construct a PC-based function-on-function regression term

ffpcplot: Plot PC-based function-on-function regression terms

fgam: Functional Generalized Additive Models

fosr: Function-on-scalar regression

fosr2s: Two-step function-on-scalar regression

fosr.perm: Permutation testing for function-on-scalar regression

fosr.vs: Function-on Scalar Regression with variable selection

fpc: Construct a FPC regression term

fpca2s: Functional principal component analysis by a two-stage method

fpca.face: Functional principal component analysis with fast covariance...

fpca.lfda: Longitudinal Functional Data Analysis using FPCA Functional principal components analysis by smoothed...

fpca.ssvd: Smoothed FPCA via iterative penalized rank one SVDs.

fpcr: Functional principal component regression

f_sum: Sum computation 1

f_sum2: Sum computation 2

f_sum4: Sum computation 2

f_trace: Trace computation

gasoline: Octane numbers and NIR spectra of gasoline

getTF: Get recognized transformation function

gibbs_cs_fpca: Cross-sectional FoSR using a Gibbs sampler and FPCA

gibbs_cs_wish: Cross-sectional FoSR using a Gibbs sampler and Wishart prior

gibbs_mult_fpca: Multilevel FoSR using a Gibbs sampler and FPCA

gibbs_mult_wish: Multilevel FoSR using a Gibbs sampler and Wishart prior

gls_cs: Cross-sectional FoSR using GLS

lf: Construct an FLM regression term

lf_old: Construct an FLM regression term

lf.vd: Construct a VDFR regression term

lofocv: Leave-one-function-out cross-validation

lpeer: Longitudinal Functional Models with Structured Penalties

lpfr: Longitudinal penalized functional regression Multilevel functional principal components analysis by...

model.matrix.pffr: Obtain model matrix for a pffr fit

ols_cs: Cross-sectional FoSR using GLS

pco_predict_preprocess: Make predictions using pco basis terms

pcre: pffr-constructor for functional principal component-based...

peer: Construct a PEER regression term in a 'pfr' formula

peer_old: Functional Models with Structured Penalties

PEER.Sim: Simulated longitudinal data with functional predictor and...

pffr: Penalized flexible functional regression

pffr.check: Some diagnostics for a fitted pffr model

pffrGLS: Penalized function-on-function regression with non-i.i.d....

pffrSim: Simulate example data for pffr

pfr: Penalized Functional Regression

pfr_old: Penalized Functional Regression (old version)

pfr_plot.gam: Local version of 'plot.gam'

plot.fosr: Default plotting of function-on-scalar regression objects

plot.fosr.vs: Plot for Function-on Scalar Regression with variable...

plot.fpcr: Default plotting for functional principal component...

plot.lpeer: Plotting of estimated regression functions obtained through...

plot.peer: Plotting of estimated regression functions obtained through...

plot.pffr: Plot a pffr fit

plot.pfr: Plot a pfr object

predict.fbps: Prediction for fast bivarate _P_-spline (fbps)

predict.fgam: Prediction from a fitted FGAM model

predict.fosr.vs: Prediction for Function-on Scalar Regression with variable...

Predict.matrix.dt.smooth: Predict.matrix method for dt basis

Predict.matrix.fpc.smooth: mgcv-style constructor for prediction of FPC terms

Predict.matrix.pcre.random.effect: mgcv-style constructor for prediction of PC-basis functional...

Predict.matrix.peer.smooth: mgcv-style constructor for prediction of PEER terms

Predict.matrix.pi.smooth: Predict.matrix method for pi basis

predict.pffr: Prediction for penalized function-on-function regression

predict.pfr: Prediction from a fitted pfr model

print.summary.pffr: Print method for summary of a pffr fit

pwcv: Pointwise cross-validation for function-on-scalar regression

qq.pffr: QQ plots for pffr model residuals

quadWeights: Compute quadrature weights

re: Random effects constructor for fgam

refund-internal: Internal functions for the refund package

refund-package: Regression with Functional Data

residuals.pffr: Obtain residuals and fitted values for a pffr models

rlrt.pfr: Likelihood Ratio Test and Restricted Likelihood Ratio Test...

sff: Construct a smooth function-on-function regression term

smooth.construct.dt.smooth.spec: Domain Transformation basis constructor

smooth.construct.fpc.smooth.spec: Basis constructor for FPC terms

smooth.construct.pco.smooth.spec: Principal coordinate ridge regression

smooth.construct.pcre.smooth.spec: mgcv-style constructor for PC-basis functional random effects

smooth.construct.peer.smooth.spec: Basis constructor for PEER terms

smooth.construct.pi.smooth.spec: Parametric Interaction basis constructor

smooth.construct.pss.smooth.spec: P-spline constructor with modified 'shrinkage' penalty

sofa: SOFA (Sequential Organ Failure Assessment) Data

summary.pffr: Summary for a pffr fit

summary.pfr: Summary for a pfr fit

vb_cs_fpca: Cross-sectional FoSR using Variational Bayes and FPCA

vb_cs_wish: Cross-sectional FoSR using Variational Bayes and Wishart...

vb_mult_fpca: Multilevel FoSR using Variational Bayes and FPCA

vb_mult_wish: Multilevel FoSR using Variational Bayes and Wishart prior

vis.fgam: Visualization of FGAM objects

vis.pfr: Visualization of PFR objects

Xt_siginv_X: Internal computation function


af Man page
af_old Man page
amc Man page
bayes_fosr Man page
ccb.fpc Man page
cd4 Man page
checkError Man page
cmdscale_lanczos Man page
coefboot.pffr Man page
coefficients.pfr Man page
coef.pffr Man page
coef.pfr Man page
create.prep.func Man page
decorrelate Man page
DTI Man page
DTI2 Man page Man page
fbps Man page
ff Man page
ffpc Man page
ffpcplot Man page
fgam Man page
first.last_test Man page
fitted.pffr Man page
fosr Man page
fosr2s Man page
fosr.perm Man page Man page
fosr.perm.test Man page
fosr.vs Man page
fpc Man page
fpca2s Man page
fpca.face Man page
fpca.lfda Man page Man page
fpca.ssvd Man page
fpcr Man page
fpcr.setup Man page
f_sum Man page
f_sum2 Man page
f_sum4 Man page
f_trace Man page
gasoline Man page
getNPC.DonohoGavish Man page
getRsq Man page
getShrtlbls Man page
getSpandDist Man page
getTF Man page
gibbs_cs_fpca Man page
gibbs_cs_wish Man page
gibbs_mult_fpca Man page
gibbs_mult_wish Man page
gls_cs Man page
imwd_test Man page
irreg2mat Man page
lf Man page
lf_old Man page
lf.vd Man page
list2df Man page
lofocv Man page
lpeer Man page
lpfr Man page
lw.test Man page Man page
model.matrix.pffr Man page
ols_cs Man page
Omegas Man page
osplinepen2d Man page
parse.predict.pfr Man page
pco Man page
pco_predict_preprocess Man page
pcre Man page
peer Man page
peer_old Man page
PEER.Sim Man page
pffr Man page
pffr.check Man page
pffrGLS Man page
pffrSim Man page
pfr Man page
pfr_old Man page
pfr_plot.gam Man page
plot.fosr Man page
plot.fosr.perm Man page
plot.fosr.vs Man page
plot.fpcr Man page
plot.lpeer Man page
plot.mgcv.smooth Man page
plot.peer Man page
plot.pffr Man page
plot.pfr Man page
plot.random.effect Man page
poridge Man page
postprocess.pfr Man page
predict.fbps Man page
predict.fgam Man page
predict.fosr.vs Man page
Predict.matrix.dt.smooth Man page
Predict.matrix.fpc.smooth Man page
Predict.matrix.pco.smooth Man page
Predict.matrix.pcre.random.effect Man page
Predict.matrix.peer.smooth Man page
Predict.matrix.pi.smooth Man page
Predict.matrix.pss.smooth Man page
predict.pffr Man page
predict.pfr Man page
preprocess.pfr Man page
print.summary.pffr Man page
pspline.setting Man page
pwcv Man page
Q Man page
qq.pffr Man page
quadWeights Man page
re Man page
refund Man page
refund-package Man page
residuals.pffr Man page
rlrt.pfr Man page
safeDeparse Man page
sff Man page
smooth.construct.dt.smooth.spec Man page
smooth.construct.fpc.smooth.spec Man page
smooth.construct.pco.smooth.spec Man page
smooth.construct.pcre.smooth.spec Man page
smooth.construct.peer.smooth.spec Man page
smooth.construct.pi.smooth.spec Man page
smooth.construct.pss.smooth.spec Man page
sofa Man page
summary.pffr Man page
summary.pfr Man page
vb_cs_fpca Man page
vb_cs_wish Man page
vb_mult_fpca Man page
vb_mult_wish Man page
vis.fgam Man page
vis.pfr Man page
Xt_siginv_X Man page


R/fbps.R R/VB_Mult_Wish.R R/create.prep.func.R R/fpcr.R R/pfr_old.R R/pffr-utilities.R R/vis.fgam.R R/CD4-data.R R/predict.pfr.R R/af.R R/predict.pfr_old.R R/VB_Mult_FPCA.R R/rlrt.pfr.R R/Gibbs_CS_FPCA.R R/f_trace.R R/fpcr.setup.R R/dt_basis.R R/f_sum.R R/plot.lpeer.R R/VB_CS_FPCA.R R/OLS_CS.R R/amc.R R/f_sum4.R R/pi_basis.R R/osplinepen2d.R R/Gibbs_Mult_FPCA.R R/af_old.R R/irreg2mat.R R/DTI2-data.R R/bayes_fosr.R R/plot.fosr.vs.R R/fosr.perm.test.R R/Omegas.R R/predict.fosr.vs.R R/pffr-ffpc.R R/summary.pfr.R R/pffr.R R/lpeer.R R/peer_old.R R/pffr-methods.R R/fpca2s.R R/plot.fpcr.R R/fosr.perm.R R/fpca.ssvd.R R/fosr.vs.R R/lf_old.R R/lofocv.R R/pffr-pcre.R R/ R/XtSiginvX.R R/parse.predict.pfr.R R/coefficients.pfr.R R/ccb.fpc.R R/fosr.R R/pfr.R R/pspline.setting.R R/plot.fosr.perm.R R/predict.fgam.R R/GLS_CS.R R/fpc.R R/ R/lf.R R/VB_CS_Wish.R R/postprocess.pfr.R R/select_knots.R R/lw.test.R R/plot.pfr.R R/PEER.Sim-data.R R/peer.R R/pffr-sff.R R/pffr-ff.R R/pwcv.R R/poridge.R R/Gibbs_Mult_Wish.R R/pffr-robust.R R/lf.vd.R R/quadWeights.R R/predict.fbps.R R/Gibbs_CS_Wish.R R/fosr2s.R R/plot.fosr.R R/re.R R/fpca.lfda.R R/f_sum2.R R/fgam.R R/preprocess.pfr.R R/gasoline-data.R R/DTI-data.R R/lpfr.R R/vis.pfr.R R/plot.peer.R R/fpca.face.R R/
man/smooth.construct.pi.smooth.spec.Rd man/lpfr.Rd man/vb_mult_fpca.Rd man/pwcv.Rd man/vb_cs_wish.Rd man/gasoline.Rd man/plot.pfr.Rd man/fpca.lfda.Rd man/amc.Rd man/ff.Rd man/lf_old.Rd man/f_trace.Rd man/pffrSim.Rd man/rlrt.pfr.Rd man/DTI2.Rd man/f_sum2.Rd man/Xt_siginv_X.Rd man/cmdscale_lanczos.Rd man/pco_predict_preprocess.Rd man/af.Rd man/fpcr.Rd man/ man/gibbs_mult_wish.Rd man/peer_old.Rd man/gibbs_cs_fpca.Rd man/lf.vd.Rd man/fpc.Rd man/pffr.check.Rd man/smooth.construct.dt.smooth.spec.Rd man/sff.Rd man/quadWeights.Rd man/Predict.matrix.fpc.smooth.Rd man/cd4.Rd man/gibbs_cs_wish.Rd man/vb_cs_fpca.Rd man/smooth.construct.pss.smooth.spec.Rd man/pfr_old.Rd man/f_sum.Rd man/smooth.construct.pco.smooth.spec.Rd man/bayes_fosr.Rd man/pcre.Rd man/create.prep.func.Rd man/ man/gls_cs.Rd man/predict.pffr.Rd man/Predict.matrix.pcre.random.effect.Rd man/Predict.matrix.pi.smooth.Rd man/plot.fosr.vs.Rd man/plot.fosr.Rd man/plot.fpcr.Rd man/pffr.Rd man/ffpcplot.Rd man/residuals.pffr.Rd man/coefboot.pffr.Rd man/lpeer.Rd man/PEER.Sim.Rd man/smooth.construct.pcre.smooth.spec.Rd man/refund-internal.Rd man/lofocv.Rd man/peer.Rd man/fosr.perm.Rd man/pffrGLS.Rd man/ man/smooth.construct.peer.smooth.spec.Rd man/predict.fbps.Rd man/vb_mult_wish.Rd man/pfr.Rd man/plot.lpeer.Rd man/fosr2s.Rd man/Predict.matrix.dt.smooth.Rd man/predict.pfr.Rd man/ffpc.Rd man/af_old.Rd man/summary.pfr.Rd man/fpca2s.Rd man/vis.pfr.Rd man/qq.pffr.Rd man/sofa.Rd man/re.Rd man/gibbs_mult_fpca.Rd man/fosr.vs.Rd man/coefficients.pfr.Rd man/fgam.Rd man/refund-package.Rd man/fosr.Rd man/predict.fosr.vs.Rd man/summary.pffr.Rd man/plot.peer.Rd man/vis.fgam.Rd man/print.summary.pffr.Rd man/f_sum4.Rd man/plot.pffr.Rd man/ols_cs.Rd man/getTF.Rd man/model.matrix.pffr.Rd man/lf.Rd man/coef.pffr.Rd man/fpca.face.Rd man/DTI.Rd man/ccb.fpc.Rd man/fbps.Rd man/predict.fgam.Rd man/Predict.matrix.peer.smooth.Rd man/fpca.ssvd.Rd man/smooth.construct.fpc.smooth.spec.Rd man/pfr_plot.gam.Rd

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