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Regression with Functional Data

afConstruct an FGAM regression term
af_oldConstruct an FGAM regression term
amcAdditive model with constraints
bayes_fosrBayesian Function-on-scalar regression
ccb.fpcCorrected confidence bands using functional principal...
cd4Observed CD4 cell counts
cmdscale_lanczosFaster multi-dimensional scaling
coefboot.pffrSimple bootstrap CIs for pffr
coefficients.pfrExtract coefficient functions from a fitted pfr-object
coef.pffrGet estimated coefficients from a pffr fit
create.prep.funcConstruct a function for preprocessing functional predictors
DTIDiffusion Tensor Imaging: tract profiles and outcomes
DTI2Diffusion Tensor Imaging: more fractional anisotropy profiles...
expand.callReturn call with all possible arguments
fbpsSandwich smoother for matrix data
ffConstruct a function-on-function regression term
ffpcConstruct a PC-based function-on-function regression term
ffpcplotPlot PC-based function-on-function regression terms
fgamFunctional Generalized Additive Models
fosrFunction-on-scalar regression
fosr2sTwo-step function-on-scalar regression
fosr.permPermutation testing for function-on-scalar regression
fosr.vsFunction-on Scalar Regression with variable selection
fpcConstruct a FPC regression term
fpca2sFunctional principal component analysis by a two-stage method
fpca.faceFunctional principal component analysis with fast covariance...
fpca.lfdaLongitudinal Functional Data Analysis using FPCA
fpca.scFunctional principal components analysis by smoothed...
fpca.ssvdSmoothed FPCA via iterative penalized rank one SVDs.
fpcrFunctional principal component regression
f_sumSum computation 1
f_sum2Sum computation 2
f_sum4Sum computation 2
f_traceTrace computation
gasolineOctane numbers and NIR spectra of gasoline
getTFGet recognized transformation function
gibbs_cs_fpcaCross-sectional FoSR using a Gibbs sampler and FPCA
gibbs_cs_wishCross-sectional FoSR using a Gibbs sampler and Wishart prior
gibbs_mult_fpcaMultilevel FoSR using a Gibbs sampler and FPCA
gibbs_mult_wishMultilevel FoSR using a Gibbs sampler and Wishart prior
gls_csCross-sectional FoSR using GLS
lfConstruct an FLM regression term
lf_oldConstruct an FLM regression term
lf.vdConstruct a VDFR regression term
lofocvLeave-one-function-out cross-validation
lpeerLongitudinal Functional Models with Structured Penalties
lpfrLongitudinal penalized functional regression
mfpca.scMultilevel functional principal components analysis by...
model.matrix.pffrObtain model matrix for a pffr fit
ols_csCross-sectional FoSR using GLS
pco_predict_preprocessMake predictions using pco basis terms
pcrepffr-constructor for functional principal component-based...
peerConstruct a PEER regression term in a 'pfr' formula
peer_oldFunctional Models with Structured Penalties
PEER.SimSimulated longitudinal data with functional predictor and...
pffrPenalized flexible functional regression
pffr.checkSome diagnostics for a fitted pffr model
pffrGLSPenalized function-on-function regression with non-i.i.d....
pffrSimSimulate example data for pffr
pfrPenalized Functional Regression
pfr_oldPenalized Functional Regression (old version)
pfr_plot.gamLocal version of 'plot.gam'
plot.fosrDefault plotting of function-on-scalar regression objects
plot.fosr.vsPlot for Function-on Scalar Regression with variable...
plot.fpcrDefault plotting for functional principal component...
plot.lpeerPlotting of estimated regression functions obtained through...
plot.peerPlotting of estimated regression functions obtained through...
plot.pffrPlot a pffr fit
plot.pfrPlot a pfr object
predict.fbpsPrediction for fast bivariate _P_-spline (fbps)
predict.fgamPrediction from a fitted FGAM model
predict.fosrPrediction from a fitted bayes_fosr model
predict.fosr.vsPrediction for Function-on Scalar Regression with variable...
Predict.matrix.dt.smoothPredict.matrix method for dt basis
Predict.matrix.fpc.smoothmgcv-style constructor for prediction of FPC terms
Predict.matrix.pcre.random.effectmgcv-style constructor for prediction of PC-basis functional...
Predict.matrix.peer.smoothmgcv-style constructor for prediction of PEER terms
Predict.matrix.pi.smoothPredict.matrix method for pi basis
predict.pffrPrediction for penalized function-on-function regression
predict.pfrPrediction from a fitted pfr model
print.summary.pffrPrint method for summary of a pffr fit
pwcvPointwise cross-validation for function-on-scalar regression
qq.pffrQQ plots for pffr model residuals
quadWeightsCompute quadrature weights
reRandom effects constructor for fgam
refund-internalInternal functions for the refund package
refund-packageRegression with Functional Data
residuals.pffrObtain residuals and fitted values for a pffr models
rlrt.pfrLikelihood Ratio Test and Restricted Likelihood Ratio Test...
sffConstruct a smooth function-on-function regression term
smooth.construct.dt.smooth.specDomain Transformation basis constructor
smooth.construct.fpc.smooth.specBasis constructor for FPC terms
smooth.construct.pco.smooth.specPrincipal coordinate ridge regression
smooth.construct.pcre.smooth.specmgcv-style constructor for PC-basis functional random effects
smooth.construct.peer.smooth.specBasis constructor for PEER terms
smooth.construct.pi.smooth.specParametric Interaction basis constructor
smooth.construct.pss.smooth.specP-spline constructor with modified 'shrinkage' penalty
sofaSOFA (Sequential Organ Failure Assessment) Data
summary.pffrSummary for a pffr fit
summary.pfrSummary for a pfr fit
vb_cs_fpcaCross-sectional FoSR using Variational Bayes and FPCA
vb_cs_wishCross-sectional FoSR using Variational Bayes and Wishart...
vb_mult_fpcaMultilevel FoSR using Variational Bayes and FPCA
vb_mult_wishMultilevel FoSR using Variational Bayes and Wishart prior
vis.fgamVisualization of FGAM objects
vis.pfrVisualization of PFR objects
Xt_siginv_XInternal computation function
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