relSim: Relative Simulator

A set of tools to explore the behaviour statistics used for forensic DNA interpretation when close relatives are involved. The package also offers some useful tools for exploring other forensic DNA situations.

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AuthorJames M. Curran
Date of publication2015-04-03 10:03:41
MaintainerJames M. Curran <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

blockSim: Perform relatives simulations using large memory blocks in C

breedFst: Breed a population with an approximate level of theta(Fst)

calcFst: Caculate locus-wise and population Fst values

checkFreqs: Make sure that the frequencies are such

errorRate: Returns the false positive or false negative rates for a set...

exclusionPower: Calculate the exclusion power of a multiplex by locus

fbiCaucs: CODIS STR Loci allele frequency data

fetchBMdata: Retrieve data from Budowle and Moretti (1999) from the web

IBS: Identity by state

locusIBS: Identity by state at a locus

lrMix: Calculate locuswise likelihood ratios for two person...

lrPC: Likelihood Ratio for Parent-Child / Paternity Index

lrSib: Likelihood Ratio / Kinship Index for full-siblings

lrSibDebug: Likelihood Ratio / Kinship Index for full-siblings

normalizeFreqs: Normalize frequencies to 1

print.population: Print summary details of a substructed population

print.profile: Print a DNA profile

randomChild: Generate a random child from a given DNA profile and a given...

randomPCPairs: Generate one or more random parent/child pairs from a given...

randomProfile: Generate a random DNA profile from a given set of allele...

randomProfilePairs: Generate one or more random DNA profile pairs from a given...

randomSample: Generate a random sample of related (or unrelated) pairs of...

randomSib: Generate a random sibling from a given DNA profile and a...

randomSibPairs: Generate one or more pairs of random siblings from a given...

readFreqs: Read in a file of allele frequencies

readResults: Read a simulation result set from file

sim: Perform the relatives simulation

toNexus: Export a population with substructure to a Nexus file

USCaucs: CODIS STR Loci allele frequency data


blockSim Man page
breedFst Man page
calcFst Man page
checkFreqs Man page
ep Man page
errorRate Man page
exclusionPower Man page
fbiCaucs Man page
fetchBMdata Man page
IBS Man page
locusIBS Man page
lrMix Man page
lrPC Man page
lrSib Man page
lrSibDebug Man page
normalizeFreqs Man page
print.population Man page
print.profile Man page
randomChild Man page
randomPCPairs Man page
randomProfile Man page
randomProfilePairs Man page
randomSample Man page
randomSib Man page
randomSibPairs Man page
readFreqs Man page
readResults Man page
sim Man page
toNexus Man page
USCaucs Man page

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