Man pages for relSim
Relative Simulator

blockSimPerform relatives simulations using large memory blocks in C
breedFstBreed a population with an approximate level of theta(Fst)
calcFstCaculate locus-wise and population Fst values
checkFreqsMake sure that the frequencies are such
errorRateReturns the false positive or false negative rates for a set...
exclusionPowerCalculate the exclusion power of a multiplex by locus
famSearchSearch a database for siblings or children
fbiCaucsCODIS STR Loci allele frequency data
fetchBMdataRetrieve data from Budowle and Moretti (1999) from the web
IBSIdentity by state
locusIBSIdentity by state at a locus
lrMixCalculate locuswise likelihood ratios for two person...
lrPCLikelihood Ratio for Parent-Child / Paternity Index
lrSibLikelihood Ratio / Kinship Index for full-siblings
lrSibDebugLikelihood Ratio / Kinship Index for full-siblings
normalizeFreqsNormalize frequencies to 1
print.populationPrint summary details of a substructed population
print.profilePrint a DNA profile
randomChildGenerate a random child from a given DNA profile and a given...
randomPCPairsGenerate one or more random parent/child pairs from a given...
randomProfileGenerate a random DNA profile from a given set of allele...
randomProfilePairsGenerate one or more random DNA profile pairs from a given...
randomSampleGenerate a random sample of related (or unrelated) pairs of...
randomSibGenerate a random sibling from a given DNA profile and a...
randomSibPairsGenerate one or more pairs of random siblings from a given...
readFreqsRead in a file of allele frequencies
readProfilesRead a set of profiles from a file
readResultsRead a simulation result set from file
relSimRelative Simulator
simPerform the relatives simulation
simNpersonMixtureSimulate and count unique alleles in N person mixtures
toNexusExport a population with substructure to a Nexus file
USCaucsCODIS STR Loci allele frequency data
writeCSVSaves/writes population frequencies to disk
writePopSaves/writes population profiles to disk
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